In keeping with the xmas theme…

On the fourth day of releases, the tools I used on me:
Four snazzy snap locks, 
Three clanging chains, 
Two biting binder clips, 
One lethal leather collar, 
One pinching pair of handcuffs, 
One bulbous ball gag, 
One binding blindfold,
And a bedhead ebay-ed for a nice fee.

God, I used more brain power finding words for my alliteration of xmas than I have used for ages… *sits down with a cool drink and fans the steam rising from her head. At least my cunt is all happy and smiling post release, but now I have a craving for mangoes!

All is quiet here on the home front. I’ve spent the past couple of days being Master’s travel agent bitch for our up-coming (i.e. leaving tomorrow) trip to Rockhampton/Brisbane. I’ve checked dozens of hotels on a plethora of websites, reading reviews and comparing prices, all while thinking about our frugal budget. Master was highly amused by my ‘indecision’ during the process and finally suggested that I give him a short list in order for him to ‘make a decision’. I don’t think he understands the pressure that that sort of task puts me under. What if I choose a hotel and it’s crap? What if I spend a little bit more money in the hopes of a better hotel, only to find out that it’s still crap? The potential for crapness is just too much for this slavegirlie to cope with. Better that he chooses and if it’s crap, then I can blame the ‘domly one’ …lol.

There’s been a flurry of emails sent between the company flying us there and Master, detailing all sorts of things from the ‘town tour’ we’ve been booked on, to the clothing requirements for both of us for the site visit. Apparently going to a power station requires long pants and a long-sleeved shirt – preferably in 100% cotton. So my dear readers, we all know what this means, don’t we? I’ve been given a reprieve from “Rocky Slut 2007” and can wear ‘normal clothes’ instead of slut wear, as leather, latex and boob tubes unfortunately don’t seem to qualify as ‘safety gear’. Master even sees a job interview as an opportunity to dress me in slut wear, so he was disappointed. Awwww…..

Contrary to what Master wrote in his blog about me requiring several days and music to pack, I really only need my packing ritual when there are emotional factors involved i.e. am I going home? am I going to Master’s parents’ place? Being that we’re only going away for a couple of days and I don’t have anyone to impress, I haven’t started yet, but I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow.

Master mentioned that he’d be taking his crop and some other things. I guess that is to be expected as we’ll have three nights in hotels and that presents all sorts of opportunities for ‘hotel play’. The good thing about hotel play is that you can always put the security chain across the door, preventing any inquisitive cleaning ladies or reception desk staff from entering. This differs from ‘parent’s house play’ which ofttimes requires a commando roll off the bed when said parents return earlier than expected from an outing.

So I’ll be away for a few days enjoying the rainy/overcast skies (according to the weather forecast) of Brisbane with Master. I’ll be back sometime next week. If I don’t return, someone might need to come and release me from my hotel balcony bondage. *makes mental note to stop giving Master ideas… 


7 thoughts on “In keeping with the xmas theme…

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  1. I do hope you have a lovely and wonderful time! – Pleanty of ‘hotel play’, too! It’s nice to have a change of scenery every once in a while, even if it’s calling for it to be wet and overcast.
    Love your Christmas rhyme! hehe

  2. hmmmm bondage christmas carols how quaint and sweet and images of choralers chained gang together trudging through the snow at the crack of the choral master leatehr whip.

    Am looking forward to the time away with you this week and time trudging around Brisbane looking at things and of course whole new opportunities to photograph kitten whilst on holiday.


  3. i love your little “Christmas’ song! i admit, i was singing it to to original tune as i read along…lol. i hope you and your Master have a safe and wonderful time! we will miss you both while you are gone and look forward to the stories that im sure are to come! lots of hugs, Hisflower

  4. How adorable you are! It seems, at this point, we’re existing in a sort of parallel world. i LOVE this! All those thought processes that overwehlm us and overtake us as we stare down the neck of submission and scene and (in your case, life). Absolutely divine… give me anything painful adn degrading any day, though, i am most curious of your interpretation of “One lethal leather collar”. Is it iron? Bound rope? A hand? Pardon me as i drool with the anticipatory info… what is it!

    HOT is what i call it!

    Hope your trip was great!! (though i cheated and know it was super!)


  5. So, based on the fact that you’ve been on orgasm restriction since September and you love degradation, I’m guessing that the best thing I could do for you is to rub salt into your dirty, little, dying-to-cum cunt of yours and say that the ‘lethal leather collar’ is a thick red leather collar with three ‘O’ rings that I attached to the bedhead and the chain running through my wrist and ankle cuffs, just making it short enough so that any movement cut off my flow of oxygen ever so slightly and left me sucking for air through my nose even as the drool leaked around the sides of the gag and dripped onto the sheets, staining them darkly with desperation.

    As I pulled tightly on the clover clamps and bit deeply into the gag, the throbbing between my legs reached a pumping crescendo and I bucked one last time squeezing out every last drop of my release.

    *hugs* hope you get to cum soon!

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