Am I real?

 I just spent 2 hrs as cleaning bitch scrubbing Master’s bathroom with a toothbrush and one of those wire-like deck brushes. As a result, it’s so damn clean that you could eat your dinner off it- and no, before you ask, I ain’t going to….lol. Yes, I am a slave with too much free time on her hands and a bucketful of cleaning products.

So for today’s blog I’m going to whore a topic off

 (just because I can..hehehe) and ask a very important question- am I real?

I read a few blogs and generally when I do, I take them at face value. I believe that what I am reading is a fairly accurate account of what happened in someone’s life, simply because what I am reading is a blog and not erotic fiction. While I understand that even the best of us exercise a touch of poetic license on occasion to improve on our literary leavings, I cling to my belief that a blog is a glimpse into a real and not imaginary life.

I used to get quite upset (well actually, I still do…lol) when I read about someone who is ‘better’ than me by taking a more solid beating or by being more slavey in some way. For some reason, the competitive streak in me always wants to feel that I’m much more a slave than anyone else. Of course, that’s not true in any way shape or form and I am working on stopping the ‘comparison cycle’, but I still do feel jealous.

It never really dawned on me to think that what I was reading might not be real- that it might just be someone’s little fantasy played out on the pages of lj, blogspot or wordpress. It had also never dawned on me to be anything less than brutally honest about my life here, so I assumed that everyone else was the same. It kind of feels wrong to pass something off as real that is not.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t post pictures that show fat bulges or my ‘Tom Cruise-league’ witchey nose or even my crooked index finger that is a result of breaking my finger when I was eight years old. I also don’t go into great lengths about the depth of my wussie-ness or just how sucky a slave I can be on occasion, but I also don’t parade around as ‘Miss Slavery 2007’. I try to keep things in balance and show an overall view of the realities of D/s in my life. Although I try to keep the banalities of my vanilla life to a minimum in this blog (and they have been creeping in more often recently due to me being home alone) it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist and it certainly doesn’t mean that I clean the house in a maid’s outfit and stilettos or spend twenty two hours a day cock-sucking. I have a life and D/s is but a part of it.

So am I real and was I really cleaning Master’s bathroom with a toothbrush? 


Because that’s the only way to remove mold from between tiles. Even Martha Stewart knows that (^v^)


10 thoughts on “Am I real?

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  1. Dee bought herself one of those “Sonic Scrubbers” to clean with, but to my devious mind it looks like it would make a wicked vibrator with the right attachment 🙂

  2. You evil man, you!

    Master actually wanted to know if I’d used my electric toothbrush with its 10,000 oscillations a minute to which I replied,

    ‘No, I used one of your toothbrushes…and then I mixed it back in with the others. Have fun!’



  3. you are as real as any one that i know.
    speaking of jealousy, sometimes i find the green eyed monster raise his ugly head in regards to you and your slavery, what you have is what i have and still do aspire to, you have it and i dont, but i get past that pretty quick.
    i dont understand the need for people to fabricate their lives but i guess it makes them feel good in some way.

  4. you should remember that tooth brushes are also useful for cleaning dirty little whores cunts as well as my bathroom floor

    Mick may be evil but l am harsh and cruel and your still eating gruel


  5. I guess we all get jealous of others at some time, but even if we had what the other person had, it still wouldn’t be quite right because everyone is different.

    I’m not quite sure whether you’d want to have whiney slave meets harsh and cruel man with a kitchen gadget fetish (^v^)



  6. This has me thinking you’re referring to me. i am hardly perfect either. But, like you, i’m real and own up to my mistakes, irritabilities, and failures. If everything was “perfect”

  7. …apparently my computer wanted to poast that prematurely. Bastard.

    Anwyays, if everything were perfect, how boring.

    i know you’re real. Me too. Facades can sometimes be deceiving though.
    Oh, and thanks for taunting me.

    You had me practically drooooooooooooooooooooooling with the response to my last comment.

    (muttering inaudibly between her breath(
    but i still love you—-


  8. Nah…I didn’t have you in mind when I wrote that entry, toy. In fact, I didn’t actually have anyone particular in mind, but I just wanted to toouch on an issue that several other people had raised.

    I’m glad the taunting had the desired effect ;-)See, I can be evil. Mwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

    Have a great xmas!

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