A stitch in time

I seemed to get a bit ahead of myself with the last entry, so I’ll have to go back in time a tad and talk about New Year’s Eve. 

It was a generally quiet day, but Master had said that we would go to a party at one of the best fitted-out dungeons in Perth to celebrate the new year. After moping around all day with a headache verging on a migraine and feeling none-too-motivated to go anywhere, I used one of my releases (I’ve got 19 of the original 25 left!) to perk myself up a bit, got dressed in my new red pvc boots, chain top and black skirt and off we went at about9pm. 

I always hate parties where I don’t know a lot of people. I’m an awkward kind of soul who never knows what to talk about and for some reason I get really conscious of myself speaking and there’s always one person who asks about my accent, ‘You don’t sound Australian, where are you from?’ (apparently my accent isn’t aussie enough for other aussies to recognize). But once we were there and I’d had a drink and caught up with some friends I started to chill out a bit.

We mingled and had munchies from the offerings table and checked out the dungeon ‘shed’. I believe it has every single bdsm device and toy known to man and even some that are completely unrecognizable as in, “Where the fuck does that go?” It was very impressive.

So after about 1 1/2hrs Master decided that it was time to try out the St. Andrew’s cross so off came my skirt and on came some cuffs. As he was affixing me to the cross people started filtering in with chairs and glasses of wine and were settling in to watch the show. Thank god there were no mirrors there and I couldn’t see exactly how many people were there. As Master selected toys and showed them to me some well-meaning, but slap-down-able ‘friends’ suggested that if I could smile he wasn’t hitting me hard enough and pointed out some more interesting things for him to try. Don’t you just love friends? Lol.

So I ended up being beaten from 2007 to 2008, for twenty or thirty minutes I guess and even though I wanted to keep going and my rosy red ass and back were just warming up, other people wanted to use the toys so I was released and sipped on some champagne handed out by another D/s couple. A couple of people came up to me and commented on how I must like being beaten, to which I replied that I don’t and that I only do it because Master enjoys it. Strictly speaking I do enjoy the challenge of public display and the exhibitionist in me relishes those times, but the beating is just something that down-right hurts and it ain’t erotic for me.

As I was standing there making fists and tapping toes and breathing out through my nose I was thinking about how it would suck to be a dominant in those situations. In a dungeon full of bdsm affcionados you just know they’re going to watching your techniques and how you interact with your subbie and stuff. I’ve witnessed a couple of instances where people watching have said nothing at the time and then the forum boards have been ablaze with comments the next day. Scary stuff if you ask me.

Anyways, it was good to have an audience and have my ass go into ‘slightly indestructible’ mode again. Master does spoil me.


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