…..I just spent an hour writing a blog and accidently erased it!!!!!! God, I hate that…. 

Now I can’t be bothered writing it again….

Damn….and it was really good too!


I’m going to bed….


10 thoughts on “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  1. lol… been there- done that girl! such a pain when it happens- and of course its always when im so inspired and thought provoking…lol. i hope you are having sweet dreams! hugs, Hisflower

  2. I don’t exactly know what key it is that I hit, but it pisses me off beyond belief because I have writer’s constipation at the best of times and when I’ve managed to squeeze one out, it’s a miracle.

    I went to bed and watched youtube videos until I fell asleep. Lol.


  3. “”””Damn….and it was really good too!”””

    Now you have learnt a very important lesson always do your updates first either in notepad, wordpad or office then copy and paste it into your log. Then you will have no accidents. Sorry to say I think you should loose one of your releases for being careless.


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