Indestructo- ass

For some reason on Sunday afternoon my ‘beat-me-until-I’m-black-and-blue-please!’ window opened and I was in the mood for some serious attention. Master, being the kind and obliging soul that he is, dived head-first through my wide open window with a leather paddle, suede flogger and a cane. Isn’t he sweet?

The last couple of times that he has beaten me, I’ve taken a surreptitious look over my shoulder as he was in the midst of pulling his chosen instrument of torture back in preparation for some implement-on-ass action and I have to say one thing….he looks like a mean mother-fucker!

It’s not so much that he has a maniacal look on his face or is foaming at the mouth or anything, just more the fact that he looks so cool and clinical and that he’s swinging back like he’s got a driver in his hand and he’s on the back nine at St. Andrews.

It reminded me of that classic scene in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels when Michael Caine is trying to expose Steve Martin as a phony in a wheelchair with everything numb form the waist down by caning the shit out of his legs. In a final attempt to make him ‘feel something’ Michael Caine takes a run-up from the next room and lands a cracker across Steve Martin’s shins. Teary-eyed and desperately holding back a, ‘FFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!’ Steve Martin reiterates that he felt ‘nothing, not a thing’. 

I’m not saying that Master canes me anything like that, but on Sunday he was definitely putting his back into it. Unfortunately, all I’ve got to show for it is a tiny little bruise in the centre of my butt cheeks. I think Master was disappointed when I told him over the phone promising,

“Next time, slut,  I’ll use the tawse so we get some real bruises.”

When I’m in indestruco-ass mode, it’s not that the pain feels any less ouchie or I get all floaty and shit, I just get tougher. Instead of dancing across the bed and going, ‘OOOWWWWWW….FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!’ I somehow manage to suck it up better and kneel there grinding my teeth and stuff. Master says I get this playful look in my eyes or something and he knows that I’m asking for it. All I’d like now is to be informed of my schedule so I can tell exactly when my indestructo-ass will be paying me a visit and I can prepare accordingly- by dusting the tawse and removing the cobwebs from the crops. Lol…

One thing I’ve decided though is that we need a thicker cane. That stingy, omfg-that-hurts pain of the current cane is not something that I can cope with at any time. Hit me with a 2 x 4 plank of wood or something, but that sliver of wood that makes up the cane just ain’t fun. I don’t know what it is about the ass-to-implement ratio that makes canes so fucking stingy (something about the smaller surface area increasing the sting exponentially or some crap) but they are notsomething that even indestructo-ass can cope with. Hmmmm…it’s Master’s birthday soon….looks like I have something to surprise him with.

P.S Thanks for the birthday well-wishes everyone!

P.P.S Master sent me some beautiful flowers….awwww….


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  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    I had the perfect picture in my head of that “mean mother-fucker” before I read your description of it. It is exactly the clinical way they go about it that puts them a step above the supposed meanness of a raving maniac. 😉

  2. Thanks for the info carina 🙂 Actually I knew when thinking about canes that you would be the person to talk to!

    I’m also exceptionally impressed that you didn’t suggest a lexan….


  3. lol, if you want lexan he can supply you with them too and at MUCH cheaper cost than some that are going around Perth, but…..though i and many other happy Australians are singing Lexans praises, nothing will beat Rattan…

  4. Hi there
    My first visit to your blog and im really enjoyimg your writings and plan to return frequently. A suggestion if i may?……..Would love to view a photo gallery of you on your blog. Assuming the side pics are of you im wanting to see more. Oh come on!….we are visial creatures afterall **winks**

  5. heh

    I don’t belong here, I was looking for something quite different (but then I am the eejit who confirmed I was over 18 so I am not blaming you or anything). However it does make interesting reading, all this neurosis about your choice and so on, I dunno. I am a bit obsessed with power relations outside of the context of sexuality (political and social philosophy) and I never really thought to consider the whole BDSM scene in that context until I stumbled on this site, or indeed, it has to be said power relations in wider society in the context of BDSM.
    I find it interesting especially trying to reconcile it with various spiritual perspectives about sexuality, gender relations and power and with a (which I have) evolutionary anthropology perspective (by which I mean that social institutions are subject to evolutionary pressures in the same way genetic material is – I know Stephen J Gould disagrees but there are things I think he overlooks).

    Anyway I am sure all this is annoying and don’t worry I am not going to ask you to help with research, I am not an academic or anything like that. I just want to thank you for opening up an avenue I didn’t think to include in my thought on this topic.

  6. Welcome!

    I’ve posted pics in the past and had issues with having my photobucket/picasa etc. accounts banned and now even flickr has made my photos ‘restricted’. So, I’m guessing that if you head over to flickr you can take a look at some recent pics by making an account(??maybe/maybe not??)

    (I’ve never gotten around to reposting all the pics that were deleted before..yeah, I’m slack, I know…lol)


    My user name at flickr is is subtle_times….hope that helps.

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