Something to have with your cornflakes and banana

So the Master and Lord of my domain called last night, as he does every night that we are apart to inform me that not only wouldn't he be leaving work before about 10pm, but also that he had to be back there again the next morning by 5:30am. So I've decided to take it upon my... Continue Reading →


The nature of the beast

The nature of the beast is curious indeed.  We lower ourselves, making them higher and higher above us, while they, looking down from their pedestal, wonder what the fuss is that we are making. Kicking off their shoes and settling back for another night of what they want to do, we stare in wonder as they burp,... Continue Reading →

The movie quote game returns!

Let's recap the rules:- I post quotes from fifteen of my favourite movies- when a person correctly guesses the movie I strike it through and credit the person- NO googling etc.!Let's begin:*Update- all done!*1.  Sat in that jail, I sat in that jail til I felt like I's bout to rot to death. I know... Continue Reading →

We take this break… our scheduled programme of talk about slavery to bring you this little bit of trivial fun (begat from minxieone) The challenge:-pick fifteen of your favourite movies-put quotes from the movies up-when a person correctly guess a movie, strike it through and credit the person-no googling etc. allowed!My fifteen:1. What now? Let me tell you what now.... Continue Reading →

Gifts that keep on giving

In a couple of weeks time it will be Master's 50th birthday and for such an auspicious occasion I decided that I wanted to get him something special. Much hunting around on ebay has ensued and being the nature of our relationship I'm wondering whether I should buy him some to play with (read something... Continue Reading →

The Strap-on

Going back several weeks now I had a chance meeting with a strap-on. That's not to say that I was riding a strap-on or on the giving end of a strap on (you dirty people still need to take your mind out of the gutter! was in fact using the belt of the strap-on for... Continue Reading →


I used to have the full set of "Princess" white furniture in my bedroom when I lived at home. You know the cheapish chip board covered with white plastic laminate and the swirly 'antique look' tarnished handles. Jam-packed into my very modest bedroom located next to the one and only bathroom/toilet where I would be awoken on a... Continue Reading →

Old rules

While I was home for holidays last month I explained to my mother the rules of the car spotting game:"You get ten points for old vw bugs, fifteen points for new ones, twenty for a new range rover and fifty for a valiant ute""Ok," she said. " But what do you do with the points?""Umm...well, I... Continue Reading →

New rules

Being that I'm now a full-time house bitch, there have been some changes in the household. Along with the clothing rules, slut presentation rules and more frequent beatings, there are also more subtle differences.Take for instance infringements of rules now incurring punishment sessions instead of education sessions. I don't really think that what happens is any different because... Continue Reading →


I have something to confess.  I went to sleep last night without leashing myself to the bed...Horror-shock-horror-recoil-in-disbelief!   And what was worse was that I got sprung by Master. He stormed into my bedroom at precisely 11:47pm and found the form of his unleashed slave girlie on the bed. Some unimpressed Master followed along with... Continue Reading →

Broken part deux

It happened again. Just when I thought that I couldn't be broken in any more ways,  another part of my resistance, another part of 'me' has been broken off and tossed aside. All in all it's a very good thing.Ever since that night of the party when something as simple as being paraded naked and bound... Continue Reading →


You know when you just don't feel like writing? Well, that's how I've been feeling for the past couple of weeks and I'm still waiting for my creative juices to start flowing again. If it hadn't of been for Master saying that he 'missed my blogs' then I doubt whether I would of bothered at... Continue Reading →

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