I have something to confess. 

I went to sleep last night without leashing myself to the bed…Horror-shock-horror-recoil-in-disbelief!
And what was worse was that I got sprung by Master. He stormed into my bedroom at precisely 11:47pm and found the form of his unleashed slave girlie on the bed. Some unimpressed Master followed along with some cropping punishment and a leashing to his bed instead.  It was torture – the whirring of the fan, the dripping of the shower and the chainsaw roaring beside me. Being a very particular person about any sort of noise in the room where I sleep, it was not good.

Very rarely do I slip up in that way. I think there has been maybe one other occasion when the chain on the bed had slipped onto the floor and me not seeing it, completely forgot about it.

So why on this particular occasion did I not leash myself to the bed, you may be asking.

Well, the answer is because about 30 minutes before the aforementioned storming in of the domly one, I was watching porn on my laptop and having a nice juicy release.

But where does the leashing have anything to do with it, I hear you say.

Well, I was using the leash chain as a weight on the binder clips I’d attached to my nipples, which I’d then hooked together with a shackle and passed through the “O” ring on my collar. The combined weight of the chain and the pulling of the shackle was quit delicious. I’d had a lovely little release (number 10 out of my block of 25 releases won last year) and summarily fallen asleep.

Master was quite amazed to find me unleashed. He said so on numerous occasions and even wrote about it in his blog. I didn’t quite pluck up the courage at the time to explain to him face to face about why I’d failed in my slave duty, so I’m not quite sure what he’s going to say when he reads about it here.

Either he’ll think I’m a greedy little slut whore who can’t keep her fingers out of her juicy twat and will therefore be amused, or he’ll think that I broke a rule and it doesn’t matter what the circumstances were and he will not be amused.

I’m hoping on the former. Say a few hail Marys for me.


2 thoughts on “Confessions

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  1. Win Win

    Well you know the answer already but for the readers the result was

    1. You have won 25 releases on our last bet and your free to use them whenever you want without first having to ask me for one, provided they are crossed off and dated on the fridge door. So no punishment for having a release before sleep.

    2. Your required to sleep leashed to your bed at all times and for not being leashed you were punished.


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