New rules

Being that I’m now a full-time house bitch, there have been some changes in the household. Along with the clothing rules, slut presentation rules and more frequent beatings, there are also more subtle differences.

Take for instance infringements of rules now incurring punishment sessions instead of education sessions. I don’t really think that what happens is any different because I still get beaten or something equally as un-enjoyable, it’s more the case that Master’s expectations have risen and that I should know better not to infringe on the rules and therefore if I do, it deserves a ‘punishment’ and not an education. Perhaps in a way it’s also an indication that I’d made the transition from training period to permanency in my slavery. Not that I’m any better or that I’m a more appropriately behaved slavegirl in any way (lol) …just that I’m now on the next level of sorts.

The other difference is that I now can’t ask to take off my boots or get changed etc. in the usual way I have been. Normally I’d ask something along the lines of, ‘Master, can I put something on my goosebumps are beginning to mutate in the cold’ or ‘Can I take my boots off please, my feet are drowning in their own sweat?’ 

But apparently those ways of asking for things focus entirely too much on my own pleasure and comfort so they have now been universally replaced by the question, “Master, have you had enough visual and physical pleasure from your slave?”The whole idea is to instil in me the fact that I only exist for his pleasure and I can only do things when he is good and ready to have them done. 

Our interrogation sessions seem to have ramped up a bit too. Last night along with the standard Q & A session was this doozy of a question/comment from Master, 

‘You do realize now that you are the lowest life-form in this house now, don’t you? You’re not even human, you’re an animal, my animal.’

Now if that isn’t spelling our clearly my new status in the house as house-bitch, I don’t know what will.

But interestingly enough, just to temper that statement and the double beating session I had last night that has left me with some nice botty bruises, I also received some lovely flowers from Master with a “To my valentine..from M” card attached and some glass beads for my pandora bracelet which, when he heard I’d gotten the bracelet for my birthday, he immediately jumped on ebay trying to track down charms and beads to fill it up with.

A good balance of harsh and cruel to go with the spoiling. The recipe for a happy slave girlie.


6 thoughts on “New rules

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  1. well you have no distractions

    You have always been a slave girlie, your collared, pierced in your cunt and marked on your rump.
    What was different was you had competing things to do with your time focus and energy as l permitted you to do your Dipolma of Education last year so you were given time for lecturers, essays, assignments, class preparation, practical teacher rounds and so on.
    Now you don’t have anything else to distract you, your focus is solely on being my slave, being available to me whenever l need or want you and your lifestyle has changed to meet that standard.
    As you don’t have to interact anywhere with anyone other than me or who l allow to use you or take you to socialise with, you will simply exist as a slave girl nothing more nothing less.
    Your task in the house is to be obedient and pleasing and serve me in anyway l want whenever l want.
    Slave girls were always required to wear boots and be naked or in fetish wear or wear slut wear whilst out, the difference being that due to competing times and tasks you were given exemptions from doing so, now thats what your required to dress and appear as and so exemptions are the exception rather than the rule this year.
    Yes your no longer going to educated you will simply be punished for failing to obey the simple rules set for you, you know whats required and l don’t see why you wouldn’t do what your told so failure means disobedience and disobedience is punsihable.
    Yes things haven’t really changed except now instead of 30% of your day focussed on slave girl stuff and 70% on Uni stuff its now more like 95% slave girlies and 5% downtime for minor girlie stuff.


  2. Ooh I have pandora too. I’ve had a bracelet for a couple of years, and got a necklace for my birthday from some friends. Now when Master is fucking me doggie style, the necklace (and charms) goe into my mouth like a bit! Always amuses me.

    Anyway, back to you. It’s hard to believe you’re a low life form when you get flowers and a nice card. But then I guess lot’s of people spoil their pets don’t they?

  3. This is the kind of romantic valentine stuff I like. I doubt I could ever be fully slave..and I think you are a strong person to be able to do all of this. I’m really happy for you and hope this makes you happy for a long time 🙂

  4. Thanks for the well-wishes!

    I don’t think I’m a strong person – actually quite the opposite- and it’s more a case of I’m tired of fighting with myself and trying to be something I’m not. It’s a lot easier this way!


  5. Lol@ pandora bit!

    Don’t you find that the pandora bracelet snatches up your arm hair and rips it out on occasion? Maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of charms on it, but I really think it can be quite ouchie.


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