We take this break…

…in our scheduled programme of talk about slavery to bring you this little bit of trivial fun (begat from

The challenge:
-pick fifteen of your favourite movies
-put quotes from the movies up
-when a person correctly guess a movie, strike it through and credit the person
-no googling etc. allowed!

My fifteen:

1. What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’ niggers, who’ll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin’, hillbilly boy? I ain’t through with you by a damn sight. I’ma get medieval on your ass.  Pulp Fiction – Steven

2. I’m no friggin’ monument to justice! I lost my hand! I lost my bride! Johnny has his hand! Johnny has his bride! You want me to take my heartache, put it away and forget? Moonstruck – maiasaura_nest

3. I believe in two things: discipline and the Bible. Here you’ll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me. The Shawshank Redemption – Steven

4. I got moths. Big, mutant, junkie moths. Jumping Jack Flash – maiasaura_nest

5. Look, we can’t do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Secretary – Steven

6. Oh, Miss Daisy, yesterday, while you was out visitin’, I went and ate a can of your salmon. Now, I know you said eat the left-over pork chops, but they was kinda stiff. So, I stopped at the Piggly Wiggly and got you another can. You want me just to go on and put it in the cupboard?   Driving Miss Daisy – Steven

7. There’s nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you. Leave a door open, and one can walk right into this factory; right into the monster world. Monsters Inc. – Steven

8. I had to go to Greek school, where I learned valuable lessons such as, “If Nick has one goat and Maria has nine, how soon will they marry?” My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Cassie

9. “It’s not a goddamn cold! Don’t be such a hoo-hoo. “
     “And what’s a hoo-hoo? “
     “It’s a cunt, dear. “
Boys on the Side – Cristina

10. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die. The Princess Bride – Steven

11. Oh. Wow. Gee Whiz. Looky here. You know we’re always fascinated when we find leg irons with no legs in them. Who held the keys sir? 


Well, think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate doughnut with some of those little sprinkles on top, just as long as you’re thinking. The Fugitive –

12. Splendid! We have been without an interpreter since our master got angry with our last protocol droid and disintegrated him.

13. Listen. Since I’ve met you I’ve nearly been incinerated, drowned, shot at, and chopped into fish bait. We’re caught in the middle of something sinister here, my guess is dad found out more than he was looking for and until I’m sure, I’m going to continue to do things the way I think they should be done.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Scintillio Grande

14. I got red, I got green, I got yellow… I’m out of purple, but I do have one Gold Circle coin left… the condom of champions… the one and only… nothin’ is gettin’ through this sucker. Whaddya say, hmm?  Pretty Woman – Cassie

15. Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead. Sixth Sense – Cassie

The clock is ticking (^v^)


25 thoughts on “We take this break…

Add yours

  1. Steven

    1 – Pulp Fiction
    3- Shawshank Redemption?
    5 – Secretary
    6 – Driving miss daisy?
    7 – Monsters inc
    10 – Princess Bride
    12 – Star Wars

  2. I see Cassie beat me to #8 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Dangit. LOL Oh and #14 and #15…

    12 – Star Wars V -Empire Strikes Back
    15 – Indiana Jones Holy Grail…. Last Crusade

    Scintillio Grande

  3. Wasnt 11 The criminal, or the Fugitive or something like that? I cant remember who said it, I just remember it was one of those movies. I think it might have been that Marshal or captian or something.

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