Now back to our scheduled programming…

First of all, let me just say that the last entry was so much fun with everyone putting in their guesses that I think I might have to do it again sometime. I’ve definitely got another fifteen favourite movies, as I found it so hard just to pick fifteen originally. A big thanks to everyone who participated (and to those who wanted to but were beaten to it!)

So some updates (I’ll put them behind cuts for those skimmers only interested in smut- lol!)


Well, I’m just starting week four of a low carb diet (Atkins to be exact) and achieving reasonably fast progress. I’m still doing induction (the strictest phase of the diet where you can’t have anymore than 20g carbs per day) so meals are fairly limited and I think one of the hardest things is no fruit. On the weekends when Master is home he likes to have all the things I can’t and while he doesn’t rub my nose in the fact, the smell of raisin toast on a Sunday morning can be very distracting. I just had a zucchini muffin made from soy flour and soy protein powder with two tablespoons of ricotta cheese for breakfast- I think you get the idea.
I’ve also found a gym class that I like -a good ol’ aerobics style one. Ever since Les Mills classes took over the world, gyms everywhere have become instensely boring to me so it’s great to have finally found one that is different and be able to enjoy the challenge.


I’ve secured three things for Master’s b’day present and have another two up my sleeve that I need to organize. I did manage to get something lovely off ebay (not the dress I spoke about but something very yummy) but unfortunately it won’t be here for another 4 weeks so it will be a slightly belated present compared to everything else but I think it will be worth it. I’d love to share the details with everyone, but since sweetie pumpkin Master reads here too, you’ll just have to wait!


I spent Friday night in the cage with a butt plug up my ass. It was decidedly uncomfortable and not a pleasant way to end the week. In fact, I started to get quite pissy about it because I wasn’t in the mood for cage or butt plug (not that I ever am in the mood for butt plug.) With the addition of the foam in the bottom of the cage I can no longer sit up without bowing my head so if I want to stretch my neck I have to lay down and if I want to stretch my legs I have to sit up, but I can’t do both at once. Normally that would be a nice little predicament bondage situation for me but once again, I think I need to be in the mood to enjoy it.


I got some pretty ribbons for my boots so now I can have purple laces with my new black boots or black laces with my new red boots etc. Now I just need to set aside an hour or so to lace the suckers up….


During our Saturday morning ravishing session Master said something that took me totally by surprise:

“I want to mark you some more and I’ve decided something that I want to do.”

Normally a remark like that would make me like it better than Pirates of Penzance (sorry, I’m still in the movie quotes headspace..a pat on the head to everyone who gets the reference!) but I wanted to know what it was exactly that he had in mind.

“I want to laser your cunt so we won’t have to worry about those nasty little hairs anymore between brazillians. Then you’ll truly have a slave’s cunt.”

After the piercings and tattoo I thought it was a relatively an ‘easy’ form of marking for me and something that I would actually enjoy due to the low pain factor etc. I also found it totally eerie because in my little fantasies of being captured I’ve always thought of some sort of permanent hair removal (everything except the hair) as part of it. I don’t think I’ve ever told Master about that so it was just another scary moment where I thought he could see inside my noggin’.

Ahhhh…Monday…the start of another week of house slave bitchness.


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  1. Welcome to the world of coloured ribbon lacing!!!! It’s addictive – from hours of practice it takes around 30 mins to lace each boot on the thigh highs. Poor pup sits and salivates while I do it – unfortunately not a task I can delegate due to pup being long sighted but seeing as he has new specs maybe I will try him again.

  2. If there is something that will send a puppy’s heart into palpitations it’s the sight of two little girls complete with sticky kid fingers playing with his Mistress’ shoes/boots/sandals LOL As My ever-growing shoe collection lives on his side of the bedroom (as he assures me they are much happier there than in the cupboard) he knows if any little people have been near his most prized possessions as he knows exactly where each pair is and how they were placed. By the way just had my new pair of Pleaser patent pumps and knee high boots arrive both complete with 5″ heels of course – yummy!!! Ms Blair

  3. hostage drama in shoe land

    lol see an entirely new hostage situation

    you holding pumps in one hand, pup standing across room from you, you saying don’t move or the kid gets given the pump to play dress up with.

    pup dropping to his knees begging not to let that happen

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  4. Coloured ribbon lacing world here I come!

    P.S I remember you telling me about Ella Bache in Morley being good for waxing…do they use hard wax or at least wax that’s white and not orange (it’s the orange one that I’m allergic to).


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