Something to have with your cornflakes and banana

So the Master and Lord of my domain called last night, as he does every night that we are apart to inform me that not only wouldn’t he be leaving work before about 10pm, but also that he had to be back there again the next morning by 5:30am. So I’ve decided to take it upon my slave ass to write him a blog (another blog!) to keep him amused.

And what is one to write about? Perhaps the fact that I had my first release in 15 days and only my fifth release for the entire year of 2008 tonight.  In fact, looking at my release chart on the fridge I’ve had precisely 11 releases since the 3rd of December last year. I’m not quite sure if that is a lot or surprising few. Master’s phone call actually came about 5 minutes after I’d staged my release, cleaned up the evidence and had started thinking about dinner. Very good timing if I may say so myself.

Perhaps I could write about the fact it was red plague arrival day today and in the space of about ten minutes I went from clean pussy to bloody pussy, or would that be too much information? (lol…) This also reminds of the times when Master asks, “How is your cunt? Wet and sloppy you little slut?” and my reply tends to be, “I’ve got no fucking idea, put something down there and find out!” I don’t get any sensation whatsoever when bodily fluids are dripping out of my nether regions- whether they be of the red variety or the white variety. It’s actually quite similar to the times when I’m not sure whether I’m going to pee or poo. Boys apparently don’t understand how girls can not know what is coming out of them and this seems to carry over from the bathroom to the bedroom too. So unless I have something dripping half way down my thigh, I don’t know about it and I either need a finger or a squelchy noise to tell me.

Perhaps then again I could write about why I’m actually sitting here at this time. I’m running the reticulation (garden watering) system manually as I blog because I’ve fucked up the programme and now it’s not running automatically. Tomorrow I’ll go out and read the instructions like the good little TC bitch that I am and fix it up, but for now I can’t be bothered to go out in the middle of the night and deal with spiders and all sorts of crawly things so I thought I’d do it this way instead. 

Just for something else I could also perhaps write about de-kinking the house the other day in order that a virtual army of tradesmen could tramp through the place giving me quotes on all manner of home renovations. Fetish boots went under the bed, the box of toys went into the wardrobe, canes, crops, floggers and the hitachi also went into the wardrobe and the butt plug went under the sink into the little box of goodies for my asshole. Then I remembered the leashes on the beds so I went and took those off andput them into the toybox. Then I remembered “kitten’s release chart” on the fridge and surreptitiously covered up the title with magnets. Aha! The perfect crime! De-kinking really takes brain power.

So while I’ve been writing this 35mins has passed and the watering is almost done. I’m not the fastest blogger in the world, in fact, a blog generally takes me an hour or so from initial writing to final check and proof-read. I suppose an hour a day is not a lot, but I find that I only want to write ‘good’ stuff and that doesn’t come along every day. Not good in that sense that I only want to write happy-happy-joy-joy-stuff because I don’t and Master will tell you that I get medieval on his ass in cyber blog land, but just in the sense that I want it to mean something. (*cough cough* you’ll just have to excuse my recent forays into movie quote game territory as red plague tension release or something.)

Just on that topic, I was reading a question in a forum the other day about whether people change what they say in their blog because of who reads it and whether they use it as a ‘sneaky’ way of discussing things with their owner. In my case my answers would be yes and yes. I’m sure I would write differently if I knew that people I know weren’t reading it. I’d probably be a bit more brutal and critical and it would be no-holds-barred, but as it is I just steer away from certain topics. I have to say though that I’m a lot better at discussing things with Master as opposed to burying them in a blog and then getting upset when nothing changed even though I’d “talked to him about it” like I used to do. I did that a lot with my previous owner and got absolutely nowhere with it so I decided that I’d make a conscious effort to talk about things in the future. 

So the last of the sprinklers has just shut off and it’s just past midnight. Time for this kitten to be in bed before she turns into a pumpkin. 


One thought on “Something to have with your cornflakes and banana

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  1. Anotehr dip into lolly jar

    Another dip into your lolly jar, hope it was enjoyable for you, when your down to about 3 releases left we will have to see what we can find to bet about again.

    Glad your finding communicating with me easier than the previous guy, but l think it helps that l am such a talkative fellow and encourage you to discuss issues and allow you to ask questions even if it appears l am not paying attention or listening or say “what” to you in response.

    Well if anyone can read and apply the water gardening system after reading those instructions its definitely you the manual writer girlie.

    Blog topics are hard to come by especially when you cant write about beating the slave girlie butt as your 300kms away.


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