Don’t you just hate it when… settle in on a cold and rainy night to watch one of your favourite movies in the world, 'Secretary' only to discover that five minutes into it, the disk is faulty and won't play? Shesh! What does a girl have to do for some slave girlie home alone entertainment here??? I've got... Continue Reading →


The Look and Living in Fear

Master and my gym instructor share something in common. They are both on the receiving end of something so devilish, so dripping with venom and something so cunning you could brush your teeth with it (yes, I love Blackadder!)It's the look. The look of absolute hate and loathing. The look you give when something hurts so... Continue Reading →


Happy 10,000 blog viewings to me!  Happy 10,000 blog viewings to me! Happy 10,000 blog viewings to me-e! Happy 10,000 blog viewings to me! But seriously, I've been writing this blog for two and a half years now! What does a girl have to do to get some serious numbers of blog viewings? Naked pictures?... Continue Reading →

The House of Gaman

Master is watching "Letters from Iwo Jima" so I thought I'd sneak away for a while and write some more drivel across a cyber page (it's either that or I go and play WoW...I'm not sure which is more productive! Lol.) . Although the movie is mostly in Japanese and I generally jump at the chance to... Continue Reading →

Clarity in insanity

Sweetie can you pass me the remote please?Ummm, I have rings in my cunt?No.Do I have a slave tattoo on my ass?No.Do I have a collar around my neck?No.So all those things make you a....?Slave.And that makes me your....?Master.Well, there's your answer then.Even something as simple as asking for the remote can turn into an interrogation... Continue Reading →

In keeping with the holiday mood…

...the return of the movie quote game (this will probably be the last one because I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for movies I like!)Rule recap:- no googling!- first person to correctly guess the name of the movie will be credited**Update- all done! Thanks everyone who participated!          ______________________________________1. Oh, so you don't know you won... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Waiting for Master was not his usual slavegirlie... No, I'm not drunk, I just look that Poodle x bunny = Boodle? Bundle? Poonny?

Kink in the City

"Flash me your boobies." Sitting in the partially full train carriage heading out of the city, I smiled sweetly at my insane owner sitting across from me and filed that particular order in my 'you've got to be kidding' folder. As I took mental note of how bulgingly full the folder was getting, again the order... Continue Reading →


I'm very particular about language. I think it is such a beautiful tool that we often abuse and while it would be very easy to go off on a tirade about the decline in language levels, which appears to be a world-wide phenomenon by the way, I'll refrain. After all, this is the journal of a... Continue Reading →

What thou shalt not know, thou shalt not need to know

(Just delving into some past experiences while plague/ Master's absence and general blog topic drought continues...)My first bdsm experiences a word...regrettable. A short flurry of fun and games in a very brief honeymoon period and then nothing. Days and weeks of nothing.I remember driving myself crazy at one stage trying to figure out my former... Continue Reading →

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