Happy Easter

Waiting for Master was not his usual slavegirlie…

No, I’m not drunk, I just look that way…lol.

Poodle x bunny = Boodle? Bundle? Poonny?


9 thoughts on “Happy Easter

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  1. It was a surprise for him instead of the usual slut wear for meet and greet.

    I get an allowance to spend without asking for specific permission and if it’s more I can say, ‘Can I buy something for you?’ and he won’t push the full disclosure thing.


  2. God, yes! You’ve really got to add some spice and make an effort every now and then or the whole thing falls between the cracks on life.

    Hope you had a happy Easter.


  3. Easter Bunny rewards


    i’ve been reading your’s and your Master’s blogs for about a year now (via atlanta bondage and kinkerbelle) and totally enjoy you both. Thank you both for sharing your lives.

    Congrats on hitting 10k on the visitors count.

    Also, looks like your Atkins diet and efforts are paying off!! you look wonderful!

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