The House of Gaman

Master is watching “Letters from Iwo Jima” so I thought I’d sneak away for a while and write some more drivel across a cyber page (it’s either that or I go and play WoW…I’m not sure which is more productive! Lol.) . Although the movie is mostly in Japanese and I generally jump at the chance to watch or listen to anything in Japanese (including the incredibly boring telecasts of NHK news which are the only regular thing we get here in Australia), it’s still ‘war-shit’ so ten minutes is about my limit. Give me some mindless Japanese  ‘variety show’ (funny/crazy show) or ‘wide show’ (celebrity scandal) any day.

There seems to be a lot of fuss about Japanese tv outside Japan, especially recently. I’m not whether it is that the internet and in particular youtube that has increased our exposure to it, or whether there is just general interest in other tv since the anime boom began, but I see little excerpts here and there- mostly poorly dubbed with annoying English voice overs or so old that the people are wearing legwarmers and have Seiko haircuts- but more nonetheless.

Generally you find that the fuss is about how crazy it is, but what you’ve got to understand that their tv world is very different from ours. For starters there are ‘Owarai talent’ and regular ‘talent’. Owarai talent are the people paid to do crazy, dangerous stuff and regular talent are your normal singers, actors and glamour models etc. Game shows are also different because the contestants are usually made up of ‘Owarai talent’ and not your general person off the street. This ensures that the shows are interesting and you don’t have “Sally the pre-school teacher who collects cabbage patch dolls” and “Bob the avid golfer” filling the screen for more than is absolutely necessary.

TV is all about entertainment and information in Japan. I’ve never been more relaxed or learned so much while watching tv than I did in Japan. In some cases it’s almost like going to school because you get incredibly well-researched, 1 hr shows that teach you everything from party tricks to the health benefits of fruit and vegetables. And I mean that you don’t just get told that such and such is good for you, you get 3D animated models of the inside of your body and what happens. 

There are only something like 6 major free-to-air channels for 140 million people in Japan so each has a massive audience and when most people don’t get home until well after 9pm, primetime starts from 9pm and the 11pm news is what everyone watches. After a long, busy day of conforming, bowing, talking while not actually saying anything and nightmarish commutes, you want something more than Jerry beads and Ellen dances.

So why am I talking about tv in Japan and what the hell does that have to do with this slavegirlie? Well, I mostly wanted to point out that I enjoyed the crazy shows so much because they revolve around the principle of ‘gaman (endurance)’ and I think that ‘gaman’ is also what I get off on the most in my slavery- gaman of things ouchie and icky.

I like my comforts and being spoiled and hell, given the choice, I’d much rather have a nice pain-free time than a shitty ouchie time, but for some reason, when there’s not enough gaman called for in my life, I get antzy. When I’m cruising along and everything is looking rosey, I’m busily searching for a challenge that requires gaman. I’m not sure why. It might be a chemical imbalance, or it might be a deep-seated need for something that makes me feel alive more than anything else, I don’t know but I think that’s why I am a slave more than any other reason. The challenge of being ‘lower than dirt’ while functioning in an egalitarian, ‘freedom and choice for all!’  society is a complex one indeed.

Some people like to go on their rollercoasters to feel ‘alive’ and while I like to scream out my lungs with the best of them, I also like my gaman to require something a little more personal, a little more cutting to the core, something a little out of the ordinary. Of course, I’ll crave this cutting stroke of aliveness like no-one’s business and then bitch and moan about it for the next couple of days because it actually was done! Lol. Well, I didn’t say that the gaman thing was a one-way street as I’m pretty sure I hear Master moaning and bitching about his ‘slack-ass-mother-fucker-bitch’ of a slave and what he has to put up with on a regular basis too. 

Welcome to D/s…the house of gaman.


11 thoughts on “The House of Gaman

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  1. Lol!Something like, Aa, kamisama! (But you know, they don’t really say that…)

    So when you say ‘simple Japanese’ does that mean Japanese in characters or western letters? I’m guessing Japanese in western letters because you probably don’t have the characters installed on your puter…or am I wrong?


  2. Well, ummm..let’s see…

    You can always start with:

    Watashi no namae wa _________ desu. (My name is ____________.)

    Then to spice up the conversation you can continue with this:

    Shibari ga suki desu. (I like rope bondage.)

    Of course, if you wanted a PG-rated conversation you could always say:

    Sushi ga suki desu. ( I like sushi.)

    Then you might want to move on to:

    Ogenki desu ka? (How are you?)

    And you could end with:

    Arigatou gozaimashita. (Thank you!)

    That’s all ‘polite’ Japanese which is fine for everyone. It’s not your more familiar ‘casual’ register that you would use with friends.

    Happy Japanese-ing!


  3. Thanks so much! Its okay if I dont know casual Japanese. I was wondering if you could help me with Japanese sometime. I’m writing a story, and one of my secondary chacters knows how to speak Japanese, and I think it would be cool if I could put some in. So if I needed some help would it be okay if I asked you?

  4. Thanks!

    I know this is going to sound completely stupid, but Im so jealous of you. I know you understand somewhat because your Master works so far away and stuff, but Ive never even met mine (As much as I want to, though I’ll never tell him that, too stress-ful). Hopefully I will someday though.

    Thanks again. 😀

  5. Nothing at all to be jealous of here…I mean that involve comparing our two very different relationships and that just wouldn’t be fair at all.

    Hopefully someday you’ll meet your domly one *hugs*


  6. Yeah, I really don’t get it.

    Sometimes Master asks me if I’m happy and even though I am, I don’t want to admit it! I’d like to say something like, ‘Yeah, I’m happy but your farts really smell bad!’ I just need to qualify the positive with something negative and then my world feels right.

    I really don’t get me sometimes.


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