Teetotaler kitten

Ever since I've been with Master he's had a strict 'no alcohol without permission' policy. I'm not exactly sure why, but for some reason he thinks that without an alcohol restriction I'm a bit of a piss-pot. Now, in the past I may have been known to chugg back more than my fair share of alcoholic beverages,... Continue Reading →


Once a slave, always a slave

 I had an interesting comment the other day on my blog:'bdsm is for simps'Now I'm guessing that the anonymous soul was saying that people who are into bdsm are simpletons (I'm not 100% sure though because, you know, the young folk and their vernacular these days...lol....) but actually the comment didn't bother me in the slightest.  I'm... Continue Reading →

Yeah, ok…I took the damn test

My Personality Neuroticism79Extraversion1Openness to Experience15Agreeableness21Conscientiousness64 You rarely get angry and it takes a lot to make you angry, however you are sensitive about what others think of you. Your concern about rejection and ridicule cause you to feel shy and uncomfortable around others. You are easily embarrassed and often feel ashamed. Your fears that others... Continue Reading →

One fine Friday

So what does one do when one has a grumpy Master? One does a blog post. As I'm assuming that will cheer him up and if not, it will give him some early morning drivel to drag his eyes across. In response to my question of,  "Are you ok?"  I think I've gotten more answers of, "Fine"... Continue Reading →

The good, the bad and the very sore

Saturday night was party night. I'd spent my day making endless cups of tea for the guy installing our new bathroom vanities, going shopping with Master for the weekly food supplies, moving and restacking the bookshelf, tidying the kitchen and at around 6:30pm started getting ready to go out. A whole chunk of time was... Continue Reading →

Party time

End of week two of the house painting saga and I suppose the chaos in the house is a good thing -it's distracting me from thinking about the play party we are going to tomorrow evening. I had kind of hoped that things would have been finished and back to normal before the weekend so... Continue Reading →

Basic Instincts

I've been spending the last few days pondering window treatments and colour schemes. I even took a trip to the new and improved IKEA store to look at their panel curtains and curtain rods. I have a grand vision for the house when its finished, but generally that vision involves throwing out a lot more... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Climax-ness

A week into re-painting hell and I've finally got a moment to myself. For the past week the painter has arrived everyday just after 7am and has left somewhere between 3 and 4pm. That gives me something like a whole hour to myself before it's time to leave for gym. After gym it's make dinner, talk... Continue Reading →

Out of exile

For the past two months I've been in voluntary exile from most of my comfort foods. Bread, dairy, and basically anything other than meat protein and a handful of select vegies has not passed these lips and it's been tough. But today I came out of exile and started adding back small amounts of those yummy... Continue Reading →

Black comedy

Hmmm...seems Master didn't get the joke in my April Fool's post. He's a sensitive guy and it's always a fine line that one- the one between truth and humour. Of course, there were some elements of both in my last post. The truth being that I don't get enough bondage (and that's basically because I... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

After I finished blogging last night I decided to go back through my old entries as a trip down memory lane. I'd cleaned up my slave cell (i.e my room full of crap) earlier in the day and while going through papers and uni notes I stumbled across a few blog entries I'd handwritten in... Continue Reading →

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