In Pursuit of Climax-ness

A week into re-painting hell and I’ve finally got a moment to myself. For the past week the painter has arrived everyday just after 7am and has left somewhere between 3 and 4pm. That gives me something like a whole hour to myself before it’s time to leave for gym. After gym it’s make dinner, talk to Master then go to bed and get up and do it all over again. Admittedly, I’m not the one up on the ladder dealing with paint application, but instead, I’m the one on the ground hauling stuff from room to room, washing windows, cleaning rooms and organizing other things to happen. I’m exhausted.

When I informed Master of the progress of the painting and that it would continue well into next week, his comment was:

‘Well, guess I’ll have to cancel the mystery shopper who was scheduled to come on Sunday.’

My response?

‘Aww..sweetie…’ (on the outside)

‘Sweet fucking jesus, thank god!’ (on the inside)

I tried to wheedle some more information out of Master and asked whether it was a repeat mystery shopper or someone new (I’m guessing it was the guy who cancelled before) but Master has remained mute saying that it was ‘none of my business’. Yeah, admittedly I’m the slave and blah, blah, blah, but the guy’s going to be fucking me among other things so don’t I at least deserve some info??

Today I have a reprieve from ‘no privacy central’ because the painter has gone off to finish another site. He won’t be back until Monday and I’ve got the whole day today to spend looking for curtains and blinds and then the weekend to spend with Master. Admitedly, the weekend will be filled with moving back furniture and hauling stuff from it’s existing location to a new location so he can start painting the back bedrooms next week, but it will still be nice. 

After the painter left yesterday I thought it would be the perfect time for a little nap, but instead a few twinges from my nether regions informed me that it would be the perfect time for a little release. So I hauled out the porn…..mmm…those guys over at kink have been nice and busy….and set about the task of putting myself in the mood.

Ten minutes or so of looking at women deliciously tied up and fucked later, I thought it might be time to challenge the vibrator again. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to locate the nipple clamps, cuffs, gag and the hitachi vibrator (the basic necessities) from amongst the painting apocalypse and then settled down to get to work.

Every time I bring out the hitachi I think to myself that we need more attachments, something smaller that I can just fit on my clit withoutgetting any of the rings involved because nothing is going to get me further away from a climax than screaming pain from my labia rings, which is what normally happens if you put that big ball of a head down there. With one hand I tried to get my rings out of the way and with the other hand carefully applied said vibrator – which is not so easy when you’ve got your hands cuffed together, believe you me!

I’ve used the hitachi before with no success but this time I was on a mission for the pursuit of climax-ness so I mounted that sucker good and hard, pushing down with the full weight of my body and yanking the clover clamps with my other hand until I thought my nipples were going to be ripped off. It was yummy. Later when I talked to Master he said that I sounded much chirpier. Yep. A release is almost guaranteed to chirp me up. Although, when I crossed off another box from the release chart on the fridge and watched my remaining release supply dwindle, it was a sombre moment.

I’d be uber glad when all this painting and shit is over. Although it’s fun being interior decorator bitch and seeing my masterpiece come together, I think I need a holiday or perhaps a good beating and some cage time will suffice. 

P.S Just as a disclaimer to aspiring domly ones, I’d just like to point out that it’s only when you have pain and pleasure in perfect equilibrium that you can do shit like that with clover clamps. Putting them on and yanking them about without some serious stimulation down-stairs is a good way to get yourself kicked in the teeth. Just so you know….lol.


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  1. P.S Just as a disclaimer to aspiring domly ones, I’d just like to point out that it’s only when you have pain and pleasure in perfect equilibrium that you can do shit like that with clover clamps.

    I second that!! 😉

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