Basic Instincts

I’ve been spending the last few days pondering window treatments and colour schemes. I even took a trip to the new and improved IKEA store to look at their panel curtains and curtain rods. I have a grand vision for the house when its finished, but generally that vision involves throwing out a lot more things and spending a lot more money than Master is comfortable with. 

I’m not sure whether it’s just me or not but I tend to ‘nest’ when I move into a place. I rearrange things, declutter and talk of furniture dreams and painting schemes. I’ve lived with three men in my time and while that is not a huge sample to base a generalisation on, I’ll do it anyway- men are crap hoarders and dust collectors! (Ah…that feels much better now I’ve got that off my chest…lol.) And redecorating is one of those things that I find exceptionally hard to do as a slave.

At one point over the weekend we exchanged words over a manky, dust-encrusted plastic sports drink bottle that emerged from the very back of the cupboard:

“I’m going to throw it out, ok?”

“No, you’re not. It’s insulated! We can use it. Don’t you throw that out at all.”

“No-one has used it for years. It’s dirty and gross.”

“It’s fine! Put it back in the cupboard!”

It’s at this point that if I wasn’t a slave, I’d say, ‘You’re fucking crazy it’s going in the bin’ or I’d at least throw it away while he wasn’t looking, but unfortunately I can’t. Master beats slave everytime in the rock, scissors, paper of  D/s and therefore the crap levels of our cupboards tend to crescendo.

Interestingly enough, this is not even my house- partially or otherwise. I’ve never contributed anything financially to it and therefore really have no right to call the shots about how it looks or what does or doesn’t stay in it. I keep trying to remind myself that this is Master’s house, filled with his stuff and therefore it has nothing to do with me, but my nesting instincts are very difficult to ignore. Is that just the woman in the me or the controlling bitch-slut who just needs a good kick up the ass?

Master told me yesterday that Ms. B (our dommely friend and his partner in crime) had decided to purchase new furniture for the house she is setting up with her pup boy. She has also apparently spent the last few weeks de-crapping and prepping the place and the new furniture will be the icing on her vision. Interestingly enough this seems to suggest that the nesting instinct is more a ‘woman’ thing than a domly one/slave thing. Do women have it in their DNA to make their nest as aesthetically pleasing as possible? Men might be happy with a few twigs and a bit of fluff here and there, but women seem to need feature walls and matching fittings.

Hmmm…must go and put some sealer on some tiles to bring out the shine in Master’s nest.


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  1. Yup, I’m a nester too. Right now I’m in the “I must have a new nest” phase because I’m done messing with the one I’m in. Thus I announce last year that I wanted to move. He said no. This winter was really harsh and he was stuck in the house a lot. Now he tells me last month, we’re going to look for a new place. Funny how a bit of ice and snow gets me what I want. A new nest to decorate 🙂

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