Party time

End of week two of the house painting saga and I suppose the chaos in the house is a good thing -it’s distracting me from thinking about the play party we are going to tomorrow evening. I had kind of hoped that things would have been finished and back to normal before the weekend so that I could of gotten into the ‘mood’ a bit more but they’re not and the weather hasn’t been cooperating, being cold and wet – just the sort of weather where you want to curl up in bed with a cup of coffee and some Sex and the City instead of tromping out half-naked somewhere for a botty work-out.

So this is what I’m wearing to the party:

You may think that there seems to be something missing underneath- between the bottom of the corset and the boots. I, of course, also thought there was something missing and asked Master about it:

‘So what am I wearing…you know…down there?’

‘Nothing. Why would you expect to be?’

‘I just thought it might be a bit drafty down there that’s all….’

‘I’m sure you’ll be warm enough down there when I’m finished with you.’

And that, dear readers, was that. I’m just praying for the weather to warm up so I don’t have a case of clitoral-nipple erectus.

I’m actually going to have to see if I can locate my outfit for the party. It’s probably buried beneath mounds of things like everything else is at the moment. If I were in a hotel I’d be living out of a suitcase, but since I’m at home, life is being lived very much off the floor, and off the table, and off every other available surface -which is what happens when you have to pull everything off and out of every shelf in the place. You really don’t realise how much stuff you (i.e. Master) have until you pull it all out and spread it around you.

I’ve been playing ‘musical kink’ with our toys for the past few weeks. Since nothing is sacrosanct, including the closets, as every nook and cranny of this place is being painted, I’ve had to move them from place to place and even resorted to hiding them in Master’s bed one particular day hoping that the tell-tale lumps wouldn’t be too suspicious. The smaller toys are fine but the long spreader bars, pony whips and canes are a challenge to hide. I suppose I could just put them out in the garage and be done with it, but I want to keep them clean and spider-free, so I think the inside of the house is best at this point (although, with all the sanding and stuff, the inside of the house isn’t particularly clean at this point either!)

Perhaps the ouchie toys will be ‘lost’ between now and Saturday. I mean, sometimes, things are just beyond anyone’s control (^v^)


13 thoughts on “Party time

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  1. Nice Pics

    Yes you have wetted my appettite for the outfit once more and yes besides suspender stockings the cunt rings will be swinging free and in full few. What’s the point of piercing a slaves cunt and then hiding the result like your ashamed of what you done.

    As for your body warmth l am sure Mistress Blair and that mad woman carinstarr who is throwing herself out of plane on Saturday for charity will be lining up to take aim at your gorgeous shapely ass with a paddle, stick or even a slipper.

    Painter and tradesment glad your there to look after them and not me.


  2. I am still fighting off the cold that the mini-Goddesses have left me with so you might just find I am only in the mood for a milo and pup sitting at my feet keeping them toastie warm. Of course there is another 36 hours to go so a lot can happen in that time….Outfit looks great…Good luck Carina if you read this xxxx

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night

    Ms Blair

  3. Sorry to hear you’re still not 100% (*does secret little happy leaps in the air….)

    I think one person beating my ass is more than enough, don’t you???
    Why it generally turns into a free-for-all I’ll never know…

    Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow too! Take care,

    xx k

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