My botty is really sore…Maybe this explains why…


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  1. i so love how R does the bacon cuts, going down rather than in, its quite a unique way to cane and takes a bit of practice to get it right…im so glad M allowed you to experience his tecnique as i have the utmost faith in his abilities…

  2. ok.. when you are being caned across the bum the caner would strike inwards….
    this method is struck with the cane going down onto the buttocks with a motion coming from above at an angle…not sure im explaining it well.

  3. oouucch! and absolutely beautiful! i take it you had a wonderful time at the party…lol. i read your Masters blog last night, so im thinking you did from His description!

  4. R has a *very* firm hand, doesn’t he? But his accuracy was spot on and the bacon cuts were “interesting” i.e. hurt like a mother-fucker. Now I’ll be cringing even more in future when I see him working you over!


  5. hahahaha actually i prefer the *bacon cuts* to any good old caning methods, i guess i prefer to be sliced rather than diced and yeah his hand hurts like the dickens.

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