Hanging from the May pole

Well, the last party for May is over. It’s a bit sad to think that there’s nothing left in the social play calendar this month, but as I’m approaching red plague and starting a new (but temporary!) job on Monday, it’s probably a good thing.

The evening started with a scrummy Japanese dinner cooked by yours truly and then moved onto me getting dressed in my purple silk Chinese dress that Master lovingly refers to as the ‘Vietnamese bar slut outfit’. This was topped off by some white thigh-high boots. It was a good outfit that, while providing easy access when needed, also kept me significantly warmer than butt-nakedness.

Earlier on in the day Master had received a sinister e-mail from

    asking if she could tie me up and torment me. Master had responded in his ever-eloquent manner,

“Hell, yeah!”

and spent most of the day telling me how he was looking forward to some ‘girl-on-girl’ action and how I had ‘many, many sessions in store’ for me that evening.

I don’t think I’ve ever had something suggested more out of the blue than that, and to tell you the truth, it had my stomach turning little flip-flops for the entire day. Although my decision to cook Japanese had been prompted by the surprise finding of a tuna head (why do people throw out the yummiest part??) for sale in our local Japanese fishmonger’s, it was also prompted by my need to keep myself busy in those few crucial hours before departing for the party. I’m not good when I have too much time to think and I’d been thinking about carina’s penchant for pain – despite her repeated denial of being a ‘pain-slut’. I have to say that the initial thought of being left at her mercy was almost as scary as being strapped to a cross, listening to carina getting her ass caned into next week by R and being told that I was next. Which, by the way, was how the night started! Not good!

So to cut a long story short, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:
   Hanging around listening to carina being caned, pondering my fate

  R providing me with a warm-up spankfest

 Hair hogtie and peg on tongue because I was ‘talking too much’. Another peg was later added because I was still ‘talking too much’.. Pfffftttttt!

 Ouchie roller left there after being extensively used everywhere to keep my head up

  Pegs on botty courtesy of Master – he is so helpful

 Drool patch made by two pegs and tools of the ‘evil woman’s trade’

 Post single-tailed/flogger-ed/paddled botty on the cross after torment time was over.

So I had people prodding me with bamboo skewers, putting ice in places where the sun doesn’t shine and metal bone and cast saws recently removed from the freezer applied to skin. Just about everyone there added to my torment and if it wasn’t for the bone saw placed precariously in my ass crack as carina played my ‘bongo botty’ I would of laughed a bit more because I was having great fun. The only time I was totally freaked out was when I heard the crinkle of a needle wrapper being opened near my ear and I thought someone was going to start inserting needles in this beatable-but-absolutely-not-a-pin-cushion!!!! slave girlie. If I had limits, needles would definitely be top of the list as I tend to faint quite often when I’m in the same air space as them.

I thought carina did a fantastic job of keeping me amused in bondage and the beating afterwards was just a nice level of yumminess with an impressive level of stroke accuracy to get my juices flowing.

Thanks to all involved for giving Master and I a wonderful night. 



6 thoughts on “Hanging from the May pole

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  1. walks in all chuffed like..thank you kitten, you dont know how chuffed i feel right now, such an endorsement cant go without adding that you too wore a gem to play with and i cant wipe the dirty big grin off my face….

    i relised where the idea came from, i remember now you and i talking at Ms Bo’s party about bondage needing to be ramped otherwise it gets boring, the seed was planted, obviously…

    my aim aint half bad considering i only have full use of one eye..

    by the way, i dont think i have said *good luck* for tomorrow, enjoy your work..

    and im gunna link this to my LJ, mainly because there is no way i can write a recount like you just did…

  2. lol once again the kitten sows the seed of her own self destruction by opening her mouth too much, Carin it was a wonderful experience and great ideas linked together for the scene and the verbal and non verbal interaction between you and kitten was wonderfully captured on pictures taken you were both so animated in the pics.

    We had wonderful night and you had a great time, if you ever have any future ideas l’m sure l can find you a kitten to play with, the leash only lets her run so far.


  3. Carin Roller of Pain

    I love the roller of pain and will start to look around for the parts to make one for our toy box and yes one of those large duster brushes for your nose must get one of thiose too.



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