It was 10:28 on Wednesday morning and I was counting down the two minutes until I could go for my morning break. It had been a fairly standard morning of call after call of the standard mix - financially desperate people who had lost  their jobs and frustrated parents calling on behalf of their twenty-something kids who'd... Continue Reading →



During ravishing mode the other night Master revealed a little entree of his plans for me:'You do realise that I'm going to keep violating you and breaking you down until there is nothing of 'you' left.' For mains, he went on to instruct me to change my email address, because it has my real name in... Continue Reading →


Last Saturday night I think I was broken again. It's actually taken me a week of mulling and pondering and dragging over the details in my head before I could even put fingers to keyboard to write about it. I started writing last night,  but ended up deleting what I'd written, closed the top of my laptop... Continue Reading →

Seriously BDSM

I tend to do a lot of giggling when Master and I play in public. And other than the few short moments when I'm 'in the concentration zone' trying with every cell of my being not to flinch or make a sound because my 'slave pride' is on the line, I'm a chatty, laughing slave... Continue Reading →

My kink is your kink is my kink

I think the thing that has surprised me most in this lifestyle is not the kinks that people have but the narrow-minded judgmental people that exist across other facets of society that I didn't expect to find in BDSM.Mistress Blair, my friendly neighbourhood botty-beating dommely one, left this comment on a recent blog of mine... Continue Reading →

Your call could not be connected

I'm an angsty type of person, prone to not meeting the eyes of people I pass in the street and nervously checking myself out in every window that I pass.   "Is my skirt tucked into my underwear?" No. Good.  "Do I have a bat in my cave?" No. Bonus points.  I guess I stress... Continue Reading →

You’re doing it wrong!

Mmmm....it's now just over an hour and a half before we attend this year's most important event....Sex and the City - The Movie!!!!!!Can you tell I'm excited? In fact, I think I've got butterflies in my stomach....or is that ovulation cramps? Lol.I hopped online last night and attempted to book gold class(private cinema with reclining seats & food and drink... Continue Reading →

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