You’re doing it wrong!

Mmmm….it’s now just over an hour and a half before we attend this year’s most important event….

Sex and the City – The Movie!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited? In fact, I think I’ve got butterflies in my stomach….or is that ovulation cramps? Lol.

I hopped online last night and attempted to book gold class(private cinema with reclining seats & food and drink service) tickets. It would of been the breaking of my gold class virginity if any had been available, but alas, there seem to be masses of SatC fans and it was booked solid. I was even preparing myself to pay the $74 that it would of cost us just for the seats (as opposed to $29.50 for cattle class) by bashing my screaming inner frugal voice deftly across the head, but ’twas not to be. Ahhh well….at least we’re assured seats as I have the booked ticket printout in my hot little hands and am raring to go.

In smut news, Master has aquired a couple of Wartenberg wheels and has been having immense fun by creating angry red criss-crossing lines across every available square inch of my flesh. Can I just say….it hurts like a mother fucker! That man really needs to be suspended from ebay purchases. 

In venting news, I’m constantly amazed by the inability of people to accept my smut as my smut and their smut as theirs and to leave it at that. If I had 10 cents for everytime someone has told me that I’m not ‘submissive enough’ or ‘not suited to D/s’ or even that Master and I should be more ‘loving’ I’d be a very rich woman. I think I’ve already stated on numerous occasions that I’m not the perfect slave and that I realise I’m lacking in a lot of areas, so I really thought that I had that angle covered. And as far as Master and I are concerned, how would anyone reading his or my blog really know what sort of relationship we had? How anyone can possibly think they can judge us based on a few lines of prose thrown out into cyber space is obviously having delusions of grandeur. 

Just because I don’t write about the hand-holding while wego grocery shopping, or the masses of kisses that we exchange, or the flowers he gives me, or the meals that he makes, or the gifts that he showers me with, or the cuddles, or the stroking, or the back massages, or the mountains of care and love he shows doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Far from it in fact. And personally, I don’t think you can live with someone long term without all that stuff there in some form even if kink is what brought you together initially. 

Kink is fun but lovin’ is what keeps you together and if not, you’re doing it wrong! (^v^)


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  1. Anyone tell you your a cutie, even though you don’t actually like the kissing stuff and definitely don’t like the tongue licking business and the pinches are ouchie l know but l do like doing it time and time again and the inner thigh slap is a ritual for me now


  2. When do we get to meet these people who are doing it RIGHT? Goodness, how are all we wrongers to know?

    Oh well, at least we have good company to be doing it wrong in, eh? 😀

  3. I think you’ll find ‘some’ people are jealous and will attempt to bring you down. They know you are sensitive and that’s not a bad thing but ‘some’people will use that against you. Just to make themselves feel better. Sad but true.
    I think you have a wonderful relationship with your Master.

  4. I’m sorry if it was my comment which offended you. If so, perhaps I expressed myself badly; or perhaps we have crossed-wires. Re-reading my comment, however, I cannot see how you might reasonably take offence and be prompted by my words alone into your above tract. Its content, though, suggests that my words did irk you.

    Firstly, I did not assume that there was no love between you and your Master; and I would not be so pretentious. I simply said that I love my Master. A positive comment about one’s self is not automatically a negative comment about others. I praised your Master in fact; as well as praising you; and as well as wishing you well. I think you have extracted what you wished to extract, for your own ends.

    I will not comment again. So no worries.

    Again, good luck to you both.


  5. lol you do nothing but insult your so-called master. all i see is you being self-centred and self-obsessed – like too many people playing at sm – taking digs at him here, in semi-public. you say you’re different – or there’s more to it all – in private, but so what, it’s only here that we the public can know you. ask yourself, if this is only a bit of the whole, then why bother. editing is editing. it’s a distortion at best. so it has no practical function – except to distort. so what you offer in your edits is just the stuff that insults a man who you say looks after you; whilst leaving the other stuff – in fact, the context – out of what you present. so you are more apt to publicise your annoyances and gibes than you are the love you say you have. that says a lot. there’s no getting away from that.

    NZ Master

  6. Actually it wasn’t your comment that really got me going, but in this comment you’re doing what I really hate – making an assumption and shutting up shop before discussion can be had.

    I enjoy getting comments whether they be negative or positive because I believe that it’s okay to have different opinions about things, people can always agree to disagree and who am I to say that my opinion is the ‘right’ one anyway?

    What annoys me is when people do the “I’m right, you’re wrong” routine just because of different ways of doing things. I like to think that we’re all different for a reason and whatever works for us as individuals is the ‘right way’.


  7. Thanks for the comment. You’ve said three very important words in all of this, ‘all I see’. And that’s exactly what I was talking about. All you see is a little bit of our life. So editing of either my doing or as a by product of the medium of a blog distorts everything.

    Yes, you’re right, I do take digs at him here because this is *my* blog, *my* form of stress release and *my* way of working through the stuff that has hurt me or pissed me off (my ‘annoyances and gibes’ and if you noticed all the ‘my’s in there, that’s probably why you think I’m self-centred and self-obsessed). It’s not a story written for the benefit of my readers telling of the happy land of love and sm. People read because they want to read. I write here because I have nothing to hide and find it interesting to bounce ideas and issues off other people. So in fact, I’m glad that my blog seems to be doing it’s intended purpose of presenting the nitty gritty.

    I read a lot of blogs and a lot of people write in different ways. Some people only seem to talk about the rainbows and fluffy clouds, some talk only about the smut, and others talk through the problems and issues. Each to his own I say, but I do seem to see an awful lot of those blogs full of ‘rainbows and fluffy clouds’ suddenly deleted over night. It may just be me, but I feel that those are the blogs that are the most distorted. Afterall, we’re talking about relationships between two (or more!) intrinsically different people here and I believe it’s impossible to have smooth sailing all the time.

    And finally just to be clear, what does my aptness to publicise my annoyances and gibes more than the love I say we have say? I’m not really sure.

  8. My two cents worth

    I think the problem many people have in commenting on blogs is that they are making judgments and assumptions through “snapshots” of other people’s lives. I know kitten and her Master well as I am lucky enough to live in the same city as them and they were kind enough to introduce me to the scene in Perth when I was curious.

    Most of you who have read one or both of their blogs will know that they write them for each other. Those of us who follow and enjoy their journals on a daily basis realise that they discuss all manner of issues both good and challenging that all of us, who have chosen to live in this lifestyle, face. I can hear some say well if they put themselves out there we can freely comment and critique it as we see fit. I personally think it is admirable that they are both prepared to expose themselves in that way but they also have the strength of their convictions to know who they are and be proud of it.

    pup and I are fortunate that we catch up with these guys and have seen the affection and love between them, not to mention the pride in kitten’s Master’s eyes when he looks at her.

    I think the thing that has surprised me most in this lifestyle is not the kinks that people have but the narrow-minded judgmental people that exist in across other facets of society that I didn’t expect to find in BDSM. Who is anybody to judge kitten and her Master and the way they live their lives? If you think that you are a better “slave/subbie” or a better “Master/Mistress” I’d love to hear why you think you are so special.

    I live in a very happy 24/7 relationship with my slave “pup”. Is it the same as kitten and her Master – no of course not. Is our definition of BDSM the same as theirs – no of course not. Is our style of play the same as theirs and worth any more or less than theirs – no of course not. We are all individuals and bring different experiences to our relationships. Just because we are different doesn’t mean we are better or worse than anyone else.

    Live your lives people, enjoy the journey and stop taking life so seriously.

    kitten, keep writing girl and if it all gets too frustrating don’t worry that party is coming up on the 14th and I’m sure there will be a cue waiting to make you forget all about the nonsense, hey Carina?


    Ms Blair

  9. Re: My two cents worth

    Why thank you for the lovely comment Oh-Great-Evil-One (^v^)

    Master is feeling a bit embarassed after all the praise and has suggested that I need to be beaten more now because you’ve ‘vindicated’ me…lol.

    If you don’t mind I’m going to take a quote out of this comment and use it for my next blog:

    “I think the thing that has surprised me most in this lifestyle is not the kinks that people have but the narrow-minded judgmental people that exist in across other facets of society that I didn’t expect to find in BDSM.”

    I think you’ve summed up things very nicely there and there are still things I need to vent.


    P.S Are you now in collusion with Mistress Carina as well??? My ass hurts just thinking about it…

  10. N and I are going to see SATC tonight. It’s only fair, she came with me and the kids to see Indiana Jones last week.

    Though if the Dom Guild hear about this, I could get expelled..

  11. I am glad that my journal is private and I don’t get a bunch of comments from people who don’t know me – if I had to put up with half the stupid remarks that I have seen you and kaya get, I’d lose it. If it was me (and it ain’t, obviously!), I’d simply delete the morons and not bother responding to them.


  12. Re: My two cents worth

    shines my new shiney *mistress* badge, do you like it….

    lol Blaire how did you know what was on my mind?

    knowing kitten and her Master real time, i would have to say that their relationship is one that shows that there are indeed humans and not stereotypical robots in their relationship, their fun and quirky banter and antics and pissedoffness show that M/s does NOT have to be all *sweet* and *regemented* that because there are humans involved that there will be times it will surface in a human way, they are human first and formost and i cant see a M/s relationship surviving without normal human interaction and yes even if that interaction appears to others to be insulting which is just anothers perception because without knowing them and seeing them away from livejournal, you really cant judge.
    without honesty there is NO M/s relationship and what kitten displays in her words shows that she is permitted to be bluntly honest and if it works for them then why does it really matter to us?

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