World’s biggest plumber’s crack

Now if that ain’t the biggest one you’ve seen, I need to know who your plumber is!

As to why I’m gardening in purple ugg boots but without anything on the lower part of my body, your guess is as good as mine.

As to why Master felt the need to snap this unfortunate shot of his unsuspecting, but hard-working slave girlie, you obviously need to google ‘humiliation’.

As to why I’m still in my nightie and have bed hair at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, well…you know…shit happens.

As to why my ass looks like Stewie’s head from Family Guy, talk to my mother.


3 thoughts on “World’s biggest plumber’s crack

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  1. well your not chauncey the gardener and your not wearing a tool belt but its a great looking plumbers crack indeed you got the most unique steel capped safety boots for doing gardening work


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