I’ve been a bit wordy of late…

….so I’ve decided to post some pics! I’ve also just recently become able to look at these pics from our last party a few weeks ago i.e. being able to look without cringing away in absolute horror, so yay for me. Lol.

Anyway, without further ado, here they are.

In the hands of a madman

This is ‘R’ the bacon-slicing, cane-loving, spanking-devotee.

Over the spanking bench

This bench can take up to 5 subbie girls all at once!

Inserting things where things shouldn't go

One hand for butt plug, one hand for pocket rocket. The laughing gallery of people behind me is just out of shot.

Lick those boots bitch

The delightful Mistress B enjoys clean boots.

Tongue action

Slavegirl tongue


23 thoughts on “I’ve been a bit wordy of late…

Add yours

  1. Ahhh memories how sweet they are and how wonderful you were on the night

    It was your first time as being a sex toy but its not the last

    Your going to make a very nice slut whore sex toy kept on a leash attached to your slave collar

    You know you have no choice no option no freedom no right to refuse

    Your a slave and your mine

    I may be harsh and cruel and feed you gruel but l am your owner and Master and your arse is mine


    Manicial Master laughter

  2. Words and Pictures

    The pictures are really good but don’t be afraid of being “wordy.” You are a beautiful writer, with a terrific sense of detail. I don’t know if you are a good slave. But if he ever decides to sell you, I think your master would be flooded with offers. Someone who looks so good and writes so well must be worth a lot. I guess he must fancy you so much that he won’t take the money.

  3. simply beautiful

    I am wondering, if it’s not to personal, to ask your age. If not i completely understand. You are so beautiful. I am utterly jealous. lol
    I am also wondering two thing..hehe what the hell is a doona? lol
    And is there a pic of you with your Master? I have been reading both your blogs for a while and have not noticed one of you together.
    You guys are an awsome and very lucky couple


  4. Re: simply beautiful..what is a doona

    its like a comforter, they are available in 1,2,3,4, and 5 blanket thickness, some are filled with feathers, some wool and some synthetic..

  5. Re: simply beautiful

    Ummm…I’m 31 years young (^v^)

    Generally there are no photos of me and Master because he is the one taking all the photos! Actually, no-one in my family knows what he looks like either because we don’t have any ‘safe for family’ pics.


  6. Re: Words and Pictures

    ‘Won’t take the money?’ Lololololol. I think if anyone made him a decent offer, he’d leap at it- he needs to recoup his expenditure on boots and gruel after all (^v^)


  7. Re: Used

    I’ve never understood why sluts aren’t used as recipients of back massages or testers of tropical drinks with paper umbrellas in them…maybe it’s just me??


  8. Re: simply beautiful

    lol no her nose is not pierced and don’t ask her about her nose its a sensitive part of her body image along with the rest of her self body image which despite me telling her is gorgeous she says l am obligated to say that to her.

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