The Lolly Jar

Last night the unspeakable happened….I emptied out the last remaining release in my self-pleasure lolly jar. What once had been brimming with hours of self-inflicted orgasms, is now devoid of life and pleasure. And as I crossed off the last release from the tally sheet on the fridge this morning, I was flooded with memories of each and every tantalising explosion of sexual energy that had taken place over the last eight months…all twenty five of them.

In November last year when I won a bet with Master and was graciously granted the gift of 25 releases to use ‘however and whenever’ I liked, I almost thought that I’d never use them all up. Until that point, everytime I was horny, permission for a release was needed from the big M- whether it be by me creeping into his bedroom at 2am to beg for one because I ‘couldn’t sleep’ or by a late afternoon phonecall to his office. The only condition attached to the self-pleasure lolly jar, was that I had to faithfully record when I dipped my hand in by crossing it off the tally sheet, and writing the date.

In the beginning I was adventurous and sucked hard on each lolly, rolling it around repeated in my mouth while I planned afternoon self-bondage sessions. Ropes, belts, gags and hoods were all used and each session ended with me releasing myself, both from my bonds and from my unrelenting horniness. Once the weather turned colder and I became home renovation project manager bitch and then working bitch, the releases became simpler, usually involving my favourite porn clips, some nipple clamps and a well-positioned thigh in the foetal position.

I was humming along averaging about 2 releases a month until I started reading the erotic fiction novel I bought at the book & CD clearance last year-then my horniness engine went into overdrive and my release mileage went straight out the window. Five nights of reading before bed resulted in 5 releases being used. Last night I used my last release and I still have one third of the book to go! What is a slavegirl supposed to do????

I dragged Master to the book clearance at the exhibition centre and while he managed to buy about twenty CDs full of ‘noise’, I was really hard pressed to buy something, until I found three books with the delightful titles of: “The Carrot and the Stick”, “The Devils’s Surrogate” and “Dr. Casswell’s Plaything”. All three books have girlies in equal states of undress on the covers and leather, canes and chains as props (obviously why I was attracted to the books in the first place!) After lining up and blushing ten shades of red to buy them, they promptly went into the bookshelf where I’d forgotten about them for several months…until last week when I got bored and wanted something to read.

Come to think of it, erotic fiction is what got me started down this slave path to begin with. I remember feeling horny and going online to look for something to read (why I didn’t go looking for porn I’ll never know!) That was when I found the site literotica and after reading story after delicious story of slavegirlies and their Masters, got myself hitched up to an online Dom. Needless to say it didn’t last, but from there I went to other sites like collar me and alt and then my slavegirl career started in earnest.

The book that has given me the lolly-jar problems is Dr Casswell’s Plaything and while it’s not ground-breaking adult fiction, it’s got all the elements that make me wet and juicy – beatings, public humiliation, dark basements, rough fucking and forced use. Of course, these are all things that are much more fun to read about than to actually experience and while I’m tucked up in my warm bed spending another night as slavegirlie home alone, it’s a way to pass the chilly nights.

Fortunately, my dear, dear sweetie pumpkin Master graced me with the gift of five more extra special reserve releases for being a good girl a couple of weeks ago. So even though the lolly jar is officially empty, I’ve got a few still up my sleeve. The only problem is that I’m terrified of actually using them all up and by the prospect of what I will have to do to get more. At the moment I’m wondering whether I should finish off the book and take my chances or just put the book back on the shelf and forget I even started reading it- but will I be able to sleep wondering whether Dr. Casswell will hand over his slave Sarah as payment for access to the information that he desperately wants or will he forgo his life’s work and whisk her back to London so that they can live out their life as Master and slave together????

Those last 30 pages are just too tempting.


3 thoughts on “The Lolly Jar

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  1. You can’t not finish the book, it’s like only eating a little bit of a small chocolate bar and then throwing the rest away! It’s just WRONG! LOL
    Just read the last 30 pages really quickly and then have one release, it’ll leave four for that rainy day. 😉

  2. Nice Surprise reading material

    Another delightful and unexpected blog to read over morning cornflakes and banana with a pot of tea.

    Its sad day all your 25 lollies gone and the jar is empty, will have to make suitable arrangements until out 25 release bet can be conducted about who remembers me at the Prahran Market next time we are in Melbourne.

    Looking forward to being home tonight, maybe you can read the last 30 pages to me in bed and l can determine whether your entitled to some bonus releases for haveing a melodic reading voice that outs me to sleep at night.

    Found why l couldnt sleep the other night the bed gets tooo hot at night so last night removed teh bed cover and slept under a sheet a blanket instead much cooler.


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