The F Word

"If I ever hear you say that word again, I'll beat you until you're black and blue"While in certain circumstances being beaten black and blue sounds kind of fun, I generally know that if that threat comes out of Master's mouth, I should be very, very careful of upsetting the man.I actually use the word... Continue Reading →


You know you’re going to a play party as a pony girl when….'ve just spent the last two hours removing hair from places where the sun does and doesn't've conditioned your mane so much that Rapunzel would be're drinking a full-strength cappuccino from your super-super-sized trough at 5:30pm so you won't fall asleep at your normal granny bedtime of're hungry but you're worried about muffin topping out the... Continue Reading →

Taking the Secretary’s name in vain

'Twas a hard week for this kitten- as evidenced by my complete lack of blogs. Being back at work with different shift times and a body clock that is still adjusting has been tough. Not to mention the numerous irate people I had screaming at me. How many more weeks of work have I got left? Obviously too many.My end of... Continue Reading →

Tag! You’re it!

Day Two of construction and in addition to Stevo, Davo and Marko, we now have Johno on site. Someone in boots is stomping around on the roof and the sounds of pommie accents in a heated argument about 'which bit goes on first' filters in from outside. I swear that every single construction worker in... Continue Reading →

Day 4 and motivations

Well, we're half way through Day 4 of my week off and the biggest thing that I've noticed is how much happier I am to do slave stuff when that's all there is to do. It's almost like there are two completely different kittens, reacting entirely differently to service:Call centre bitch kitten spends all day... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Gonzo

 I've got a week off this week to babysit builders who are erecting some outdoor patios (i.e. covers for outdoor play areas). After getting up at 7am and waiting around until 9:30am with no builders in sight, I decided to call the company and find out what was going on: "They'll be there tomorrow," said the... Continue Reading →

Honey, I think I broke my vagina!

Last night was another one of those ho-hum nights where I was tired but didn't want to go to sleep because sleep means waking up and waking up means having to go to work again. After watching a bit of tv and thinking of things to keep my mind off food, I decided to go to bed...but... Continue Reading →

Master and I are 2 today!

Music please... Happy becoming-a-slave-and-Owner day to us! Happy becoming-a-slave-and-Owner day to us! Happy becoming-a-slave-and-Owner day to u~s! Happy becoming-a-slave-and-Owner day to us.  Two years ago on this irrevocable day I flew from one side of Australia  to the other in hooker wear to take up my place at Master's feet. I was wearing the first pair of... Continue Reading →

Pulp fiction

There are times that I just want to know. I don't want to wonder, ruminate or try to guess. I just want to know. Like the mountaineer who climbs the mountain, like the runner who finishes the marathon, I just want to know that I can do it.  I want to know that I can be... Continue Reading →

Cogito, ergo sum

I think a lot. In fact, I probably think too much. A small fraction of what goes on inside my head is infrequently put down into this blog but I generally only do that once I've arrived at some sort of a conclusion. As a result, each entry in my blog is like a spiffy little powerpoint presentation showing a summary of the... Continue Reading →

The Shiny Thing

Master is wont to point out to me on every occasion possible that I am the slave in this relationship. He does it in a variety of ways, but one of my favourite ones and one that always brings a smile to my face is when he says:'Remember, you're the one wearing the shiny thing.'It's... Continue Reading →

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