Honey, I think I broke my vagina!

Last night was another one of those ho-hum nights where I was tired but didn’t want to go to sleep because sleep means waking up and waking up means having to go to work again. After watching a bit of tv and thinking of things to keep my mind off food, I decided to go to bed…but I was not alone.

I was accompanied by my laptop (i.e porn collection) and my new hitachi wand attachments that Master thoughtfully purchased for me several weeks ago. I hadn’t really bothered with them because using the hitachi by itself is a very tricky process with all the hardware I’ve got down there, so they had been sitting all forlorn and sadly on my slave cell floor…until last night.

I slipped on the ‘G Spotter’, which oddly enough reminded me of something that should adorn the face of a muppet and revved it up to high speed. Clover clamps also went on the nipples and once I was in my favourite hitachi position – on my knees – off I started on the ride of my life.

It took a while to get going, but once I got going there were all sorts of groans and gutteral moanings that had never escaped my lips before. In fact, I think I’m beginning to see what the fuss about those ‘orgasm things’ is all about. But by the end of it, it was a relief to finally get there. My poor nipples had just about been yanked off and were going purple from the clamps tightening so much.  

Even after all of that, I still felt the need to finish myself off with an old faithful release.The G-Spotter was fulfilling on a really juicy, ‘I need to feel something inside of me’ sense, but nothing seems to ‘release’ me more on a deep level than a hand between my legs and some clenching of muscles-just like mother nature intended!

In other news, I also managed to purchase a new copy of Secretary from ebay. Yay!  There ain’t going to be any more performance disappointments for kitten when she loads it up into her hard drive in future.

And in parting I’d just like to leave you with a gem of wisdom from the packaging of my G-Spotter:

Self-sexuality is the safest sex!

Just remember that kiddies.


4 thoughts on “Honey, I think I broke my vagina!

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  1. Release jar virtually empty

    So you reached inside the release jar and groped and rattled about for a release last night, did you enjoy the wand and its new attachments, guess you’ll have to talk to the girls on line about why the wand is their friend and why the wand travels in their handbag whenever they move houses as they don’t want to lose it in a packing box marked household goods mixed.



  2. That sounded an awesomely good time to me! Gotta love the hitachi – i got mine shipped over from the US – and there’s nothing else that gets me there faster!! Master loves to use it on me, but there’s also nothing like the good old fashioned finger method!! 🙂

    t. x http://www.trinity-pup.blogspot.com

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