The Amazing Gonzo

 I’ve got a week off this week to babysit builders who are erecting some outdoor patios (i.e. covers for outdoor play areas). After getting up at 7am and waiting around until 9:30am with no builders in sight, I decided to call the company and find out what was going on: 

“They’ll be there tomorrow,” said the chirpy voice at the end of the phone.

It was at that stage that I thought to myself that I’m home, alone, for an entire day with nothing to do. (Of course, technically, I had lots of things to do like cleaning, tax returns and gym classes…but who the hell wants to do those things??? ) So my brain was busily thinking of other things that I could do to fill my day like…..masturbation! Yay!

I’m not quite sure what it is about having builders come over to my house, but every single time someone is here doing some work, I feel an insatiable need for a quality release. Is it the feeling of my sacrosanct private area being invaded, or is it merely the sight of plumbers cracks and sweaty men doing ‘man stuff’ that makes me want to do nasty things to myself? I don’t know, but whether it’s guys smashing up my bathroom,guys painting my ceiling or guys erecting things in the garden, I always feel the need to tie myself up and have a meaty, groan-inducing release.

While I was chatting with Master, I read some blogs, surfed some porn and worked myself up into a nice hot state of horniness. He left my cyber world at 4pm to retire to his motel room  and graced me with a freebie release as long as I wrote a blog about it. Alrighty! So I felt that it was then the perfect time for some *insert boppy music here* masturbation time!

I laid out the belts, rope, chains, cuffs, ballgag, clamps, shackles, collar, hitachi wand and the amazing gonzo (g-spot attachment) on Master’s bed and thought that someboobie bondage, nipple clamps, ankle and wrist bondage and neck attachment to bed were in order. I generally like to do my releases on Master’s bed, not only because his bed is bigger and has anchor points on the bedhead, but also because it has his smell and feel and somehow it just feels so much better.

All in all it was 30mins of pussy-vibrating-nipple-pulling-gag-biting action that left gonzo as hot as a tin roof in summer and lots of wet spots all over Master’s sheets. Today I woke up with a sore jaw, sore nipples and sore cunt rings and if Stevo, Davo and Marko weren’t here erecting things or at least if I had some curtains on my windows, I’d be taking a bath and soaking out the ouchies. As it is, I spent my morning cleaning gonzo, stripping Master’s bed and hiding the evidence of my self-pleasures.

But thanks to Master’s generousity I’ve still got three releases left in my lolly jar and two more days of building! Yay! Hopefully it won’t rain and the building will go to schedule…otherwise I might have to ask nicely for another release or two just to tide me over.


5 thoughts on “The Amazing Gonzo

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  1. No wonder l am in need of a new mattress your wearing it out when l am not there enjoying it

    Glad your enjoying your week off from the call centre bitch role, l know being a casual its costing you money to be home but look on bright side all the cleaning and washing and gardening you can get done while l am not there chasing you around with whip cane and dragging you to my bed for a ravishing session.

    Least builders giving you 2 free days totally to yourself


  2. inquiring minds need to know..

    do you always go to a lot of trouble when masturbating?
    If so, would it be because you have restrictions?
    Also, do you find it more intense/enjoyable/satisfying with restrictions?

  3. Re: inquiring minds need to know..

    No, sometimes they’re just quickies in front of the tv or first thing of a morning. It’s only when I feel a real need for other stuff that I go to so much trouble. But I do find that when I’ve had people around, I feel much more of a need for some elaborate stuff…I have no idea why.

    Restrictions…hmmm…I think I find them more annoying than anything else. I mean, I get hungry, I eat. Why shouldn’t I be able to masturbate when I get horny?

    Yeah, yeah..I know…it’s ’cause I’m the one wearing the shiny thing (^v^)

    Generally, though, my releases are very utilitarian and very much like scratching an itch. They’re not something I do simply for the ‘fun’ or ‘enjoyment’ of them.


  4. Re: inquiring minds need to know..

    Thanks for replying. Upon reflection I realise that I was being very nosey!

    I was curious ‘cos while I have gone to elaborate lengths and done the self-bondage thing, when I read this post of yours I realised it had been ages since I’d done so.

    I have the Hitachi plugged in always, sitting under the bed and several times a day it ‘calls to me’ and I go the quick release. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve never had restrictions or anything like that, so wondered if that made a difference.

    Have a great weekend,

    rabbit ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Re: inquiring minds need to know..

    Not nosey at all! I mean, afterall, I’ve got naked pictures of me plasted all over the net and write numerous entries about inserting things in all sorts of places….’tis all good and I love the interaction!


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