You know you’re going to a play party as a pony girl when….

….you’ve just spent the last two hours removing hair from places where the sun does and doesn’t shine

….you’ve conditioned your mane so much that Rapunzel would be proud

….you’re drinking a full-strength cappuccino from your super-super-sized trough at 5:30pm so you won’t fall asleep at your normal granny bedtime of 9pm

….you’re hungry but you’re worried about muffin topping out the bottom of your corset so you decide to have some chaff when you come home

….you’re hoping your boobs won’t droop so badly that they swing around your fetlocks

….you have to remember to remove bodily secretions from your pony boots before you wear them out in public

….you ‘re praying you poo before you have to insert your butt plug ponytail

….you need to figure out what to do with your mane so it won’t get tangled in your bridle

….you’ve got butterflies in your tummy, want to vomit and want to cry all at the same time

Ahhhh…. the joys of play parties!



5 thoughts on “You know you’re going to a play party as a pony girl when….

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  1. if only l knew you wanted to go so much l wouldn’t have changed my mind about going and spent the night before the fire watching movies with you in the cage, guess we have to wait till Septembers party now


  2. Pony play

    That is a great shame Master because it means we don’t get to see any pictures, whioch would have been a treat.

  3. I am going to repeat a little bit of nagging I did a while ago – you have GOT to eat before a night like that because having some food in your stomach (esp. some protein to help keep your blood sugars even) will help you stay calmer and be less jittery, greatly reduce the chance of sub-drop later, etc etc etc. Stocking up on caffeine and sugar is just going to make you more jittery and stressed!

    *nagging over*



  4. Awww…shucks…I feel so touched that you felt the need to nag me! It’s not like I don’t eat, I just don’t eat right before we go and I tend to have a few snacks when we get there anyway – cheese, nuts (all good protein!!!)

    But caffeine is a necessity for keeping me up after 9pm- I’m such a granny.


    p.s I’ve been meaning to stop by and add my thoughts to your ‘optional parts of slavery’ post the other day. I will do so when I get a chance, but suffice to say, it would piss me off/hurt me beyond belief if things just came one and off willy-nilly.

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