Dearly beloved…

You like it when you're treated like you're worthless. You think you're not worth anything - that you're a slave, a piece of property and nothing else. You don't deserve anything. You're worth nothing and have nothing.So went the script to my morning ravishing session. Normally I enjoy Master's verbal pearls of wisdom about me and... Continue Reading →


The Master that called slave

I've had a thought buzzing around my head for the last few days... Does Master enjoy the fact that he can do anything he wants to me, or does he actually enjoy doing anything he wants to me? The reason I've been thinking about this is probably due to his habit of mind-fucking the hell out... Continue Reading →

Short stories

The internet has earsWell, after my bazillionth call to tech support over our continuing internet connection issue, people will be dispatched to the exchange to check our phone line on Monday. Ironically though, it seems the adsl connection listened in and finally realised that its life was in danger. As a result we've had connected internet for more... Continue Reading →


You know when you're in a state of blah that's so bad you don't know whether you want to be beaten or cuddled? Yeah, well that's where I am at the moment.After wrestling all week with coding issues, socket errors and random freezing episodes with my work computer, I came home to discover that our... Continue Reading →

random thoughts

My feet's time to wash my ugh boots.Plague time sucks.The poodle is supposed to warn me when Master pulls up outside. That way I have time to strip and hit the deck for a proper slave greeting. Instead I saw the headlights, slipped my boots on over my trackie dacks and made a dive... Continue Reading →

Weapons of slave destruction

I think I'm going for some sort of record here...three blogs in three days??? Holy unbelievable blogging frequency Batman! I'm actually sort of enjoying these nightly outpourings of ideas before I hit the sack. It was really getting depressing there to be finally getting home, to be collapsing into bed within two hours of arriving home... Continue Reading →

You cannot change the laws of semantics

aka Part II of my rant about slaves...So, we all like to give ourselves little labels. One or two or even three on occasion. In some circles I'd define myself as a frugality-obsessed Japanoholic gym-junkie. People hearing that might then want to ask me about frugal shopping tips or my favourite Japanese foods.In other circles I'd define myself... Continue Reading →

No place like home

Blogging for me is a bit like what I imagine childbirth to be - squeezing a big squishy mass into a small space. Often I leave the blogging world utterly exhausted and feeling like a truck has run over me....which has then reversed back....and gone forwards again....over me....several times. I guess it's all that wrestling to... Continue Reading →


In an effort to cheer Master up and bring some light into his boredom filled day at work, I've decided! Now, I can't guarantee that it's going to be earth-shattering stuff, but I know that it's always nice to have something to read with one's brekky, so here I need is a Continue Reading →

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