In an effort to cheer Master up and bring some light into his boredom filled day at work, I’ve decided to….blog! Now, I can’t guarantee that it’s going to be earth-shattering stuff, but I know that it’s always nice to have something to read with one’s brekky, so here goes….

Umm…now…all I need is a topic….lol.

We ended up not going to the play party on Sunday. Master hadn’t been feeling well and it was cold, so we just ended up watching a movie in front of the fire- albeit I was in my cage and Master was on the couch. I wasn’t too worried because it meant I didn’t need to be naked in front of a room full of people or shove things up my ass- double bonus! I’m guessing that pony girl kitten will make an appearance next month, followed by harem girl and possibly burqa girl. Have I mentioned that Master has too much free time to ponder costume selection?

Against some misgivings about work detracting from my slavery, I put in a job application over the weekend for a part time admin position- partly because this job sounded like it was made for me and partly because I’m thinking that I’ll need to do *something* other than clean the house and be slave bitch. I got a call this morning from the recruiter while I was on the train going to work. He of course started the whole thing in Japanese, and while it’s not uncommon for them to do that just to check your language skills, I would have liked a little bit of warning. As I’ve said before, I’m not a morning person, so my brain wasn’t fully awake, but I don’t think I made any huge faux pas along the lines of,  "I like shibari and bukkake" in what I said to him, and as a result I’ve got an interview on Thursday. It’s not nuclear physics, and only two days a week so I’m hoping that if I get the job it will just give me some steady income and take my mind off the need to tie myself up all the time or eat. I’m thinking two days a week will still let me get on with my real career in slavery.

In other work-related news, it’s looking like I’m going to claim the title of "Survivor of the Centrelink Island" because the other remaining person who I started with is leaving at the end of this week. Everyone else has either been voted off or left the island. Yay! I always feel much better when I’ve ‘out-endured’ other people.

After so many months of listening to people’s tales of welfare woe, I now know why most people in call centres have such a "I don’t give a fuck about you" tone in their voice. I’ve learnt to stop listening and to just wait for my turn to talk so things don’t really penetrate my brain, ‘You’ve got leukemia? Okay. Moving right along…’ sort of stuff. Anyone that you talk to who still has a chirpy, "Yes, I’m listening to you" tone in their voice is obviously a newbie operator.

Since I started doing later shifts, I have much more pleasant mornings and I also get an extra break during the day. That extra 15mins makes a huge difference. The only downside is that I can’t make it to my normal step aerobics classes and I live for step! Instead, I’ve been doing combat and spinning. The instructors who do those classes are even crazier than my usual scary military step/pump woman. I mean, seriously, who rides up a hill in 20th gear??? I haven’t sweat so much since my first display of public nakedness.

My huge, massive news though is that I’ve managed to snag tickets to see Phantom of the Opera when it comes to Perth next Feb. I’ll be dragging Master along to it even though he hates anything to do with Andrew Lloyd Webber. This will be the fourth time I’ve seen it and I’m super excited already. It just sends shivers down my spine. If I catch Master yawning/snoring/playing games on his pda during it, I’ll be forced to administer a sharp Japanese forehead slap. Master, you have been warned!!!

So yeah..that’s about it from days in the life of kitten. Hope you’re not feeling so phunky today sweetie pumpkin Master and just remember, you’ll have your cappuccino-making, back-scratching, boot-wearing, ear-cleaning slave bitch to ravish tonight.


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  1. I have to say that falling asleep in school assemblies (Japan) is a lot less disruptive than talking (US), but seeing teachers walking around with a big stick (Japan) is a lot more persuasive then shout at students to be quiet (US).

  2. Hello. We don’t know each other. I came to your blog through M’s (whom I used to know years ago) and I’ve enjoyed reading it. I think it sets a bit of a benchmark for good, honest writing about the struggles of D/s. Would you mind if I added you to my list?

  3. Hello hello. I’ve been grilling Master about who you are and the detail that he can recall is really quite scary. That man forgets nothing….lol.
    I’m always happy to be friended! Welcome.


  4. “If I catch Master yawning/snoring/playing games on his pda during it, I’ll be forced to administer a sharp Japanese forehead slap. Master, you have been warned!!!”

    Hmmm, if I didn’t know any better…when I hear a slave address her Master this way, ya gotta wonder about her motivation, maybe wants to trigger some action/s on M’s part when he reads that..? 😉

    Unless, the reason, instead, is you’re having a really bad stressful day/week, in which case, sympathy and hugs from this reader of your blog 🙂


  5. It’s just the playful, bantering bitch in me. Master and I joke around and I do give him slaps to the forehead on a regular basis. I mean seriously, you’ve got to have some humour in there. It’s not all ‘O, Master, my Master, how may this insignificant slave serve You?’ type of stuff.

    And no matter how hard I try to ‘encourage’ him to do stuff to me, he ain’t going to do anything until he’s good and ready. I’ve already learnt that lesson.

    Thanks for the hugs!


  6. I’m a big believer in corporal punishment myself. Things started going downhill in Japan when they began following the lead of other countries and stopped it (even though the reality is it’s still happening but to a lesser degree).

    And I’d much rather have students sleeping than disrupting the others who want to learn. If the students are being encouraged to take control of their own learning, I don’t understand why it’s up to the teachers to constantly have to put them back on task. Personally I don’t care if they’re painting their toenails as long as they’re quiet. Ultimately, their tests results are going to show what they’ve been doing.


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