random thoughts

My feet smell…it’s time to wash my ugh boots.

Plague time sucks.

The poodle is supposed to warn me when Master pulls up outside. That way I have time to strip and hit the deck for a proper slave greeting. Instead I saw the headlights, slipped my boots on over my trackie dacks and made a dive for the floor.

The poodle followed much later.

What the hell was that big mother windows update all about??? And why won’t Internet Explorer work now?


Waking up at 6am when my shift times change again is really going to suck.

On the flip side, finishing work at 4pm instead of 5:20pm will mean I can go to my favourite gym class again.

The lack of a phonecall from the recruiter can only mean one thing…I didn’t get my part-time office bitch dream job.

Did I mention that plague time sucks?

I don’t know how I’m going to find time to study for my translation accreditation test (TAKE 3!!!!) if I’m working like I am. Should I even bother to take it again? Based on the pattern of my previous attempts, this time I’m going to fail dismally.

Who the hell is Danny Kay? (is that even how you spell his name?)

I wonder what mineral make up is like? I’m just about out of the foundation and powder passed onto me from my sister because it made her look like a goth so I need something.

Could I survive taking Master makeup shopping? Or should I keep my ass intact by having him drop me off and come collect me 3hrs later?

I’m 31 and considering Botox because I’m starting to look like a hag.

My supervisor told me today she thinks I’m an absolute pleasure as an employee…I wonder if she knows I used to think she was a mega bitch?

Plague time still sucks.

I can’t understand how the man who got me firewood so I’d be warm, bought me frugal milk and English muffins, made me a baked dinner for when I got home and plans his weekend around taking me cheesecake/carrot muffin hunting can also twist the bejesus out of my nipple, break the skin and leave me with scabs all week. I don’t get him!!?!!

Must remember to brush and floss religiously in the 2 weeks leading up to my impending dentist visit.

Must make an optometrist appointment because I’m becoming old and (more) blind.

Why do 18-year-old gay guys feel the need to have a rant about working in the coming summer months and how they’ll cope with the "sweat-inducing" 4 minute walk from the train station to the office?

Is every guy who works in a call centre gay?

Canned minestrone soup isn’t a patch on Master’s classic beans and shit soup. For starters, there’s hardly any beans or shit in it!

I’m surrounded by bogans who would rather have dominos pizza for our farewell lunch than sushi.

Spending some quality Masterslave time with Master on the weekend will be nice. Hopefully, I won’t be too dragon-bitch-esque due to plague.

Is it Friday yet?

Do I have too many random thoughts in my head?


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  1. “Why do 18-year-old..feel the need to have a rant about…?”

    Probably because they’re only 18 😉

    to turn to more serious things…k, do you think you might be over working yourself…different shifts at a less than thrilling call center job, being a slave, taking accreditation tests, and maybe more..I haven’t read your blog that long but it sounds like you have high standards for yourself, which is a good thing, but maybe to the point of being so hard on yourself you don’t cut yourself slack and overwork yourself? For your own health, maybe slow down a bit, get more Sleep, more rest, more downtime or quiet time (preferably nature or books rather than over stimulating internet..?) and do that for a month or two and maybe you won’t feel like you need botox, which has its side effects?

    If you don’t feel you can do that for yourself…maybe you can tell yourself it will make you a better slave if you’re more rested…I say “you can tell yourself” but it’s more than likely true, you probably really would do better in the slave department , and other departments, if you cut yourself some slack and reduced the number of ‘department’ to energetically work on at any one time..? Just some thoughts..wishing you well!

    And contrats on the compliment from your supervisor..


  2. As a guest…

    …I’m aghast! However, in the geist of being a pal, I’ll only remark that Danny Kaye was a wonderful actor/singer/dancer/comedian. At least that’s the gist of his career. He was a tall, thin red headed guy that I remember for his smile. I’m sure you’ve seen him.


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