As I like it

All the world’s a stage,
As you all know, I’m a huge fan of the Big Bondage and have been for a very long time. I’m not sure exactly what it is that I like about bondage, I just know that I enjoy it. Normally I’m quite claustrophobic, scared of heights and like to be moving around, but when the Big B is involved, my ideal spot to be would be snug as a bug in a rope rug suspended up somewhere.

And all the subs and doms merely players.

The interesting thing about the Big B is that I don’t get off on it. It’s just a warm up, a glass of wine, a lead in to something more substantial and sometimes all I need is a quick five mins or so to get my engine revving for what is to come. I can get bored of it very quickly if that’s all there is, but it’s always a necessary ingredient for my souffle de bdsm.

If I thought about bondage in dramatic terms, it would be a costume change. It’s something that separates the ‘kathy’ from the ‘kitten’ and once I’ve ‘shed my mortal coils’ and slipped into the headspace of resident slut and slave, I can start to enjoy.

Bondage is also something that gives me a focus. While I’m restrained I can zone in on the fact that I am restrained. I can enjoy testing the ropes and feeling the unyielding bonds. Anytime I feel a ‘to do’ list or a worry forming in my mind, I can gently pull and focus on the bonds biting into my flesh. The coolness of the steel, the heaviness of the chains, the bite of the rope all give me focus and freedom from life.

In many ways, I’m an escapist….not in the Houdini sense…lol.. (even though I pride myself on generally being able to wiggle out of most bonds!) I have a firm rule of never reading non-fiction. I generally don’t watch documentaries. I’m not interested in true stories or autobiographies. I want to be able to lose myself in the fictional world. And that is somewhere that bondage transports me to. Like a memory that instantly takes you to another place I can be anyone and anything once I’ve gone through the ‘bondage door’.

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time?

Not me.


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