Weekend thrills

Master and I went for a lovely drive in the countryside on the weekend to see the wildflowers.

Perhaps ‘lovely wasn’t the correct word…’thrilling’ might be better. It was so ‘thrilling’ in fact that I peed behind a bush, nearly shat myself going down some exceptionally steep hills, almost went airborne in the RangeRover and thought I was going to be arrested by the national park ranger. For an experience junkie like myself it was great fun….especially the thought of being ‘arrested’…yummo!

Every now and then I go 4WDing with Master and we bounce and jiggle through the countryside and go up and down ridiculous-looking hills with me saying every five minutes, ‘We’re not going up/down there are we?’ I think he finds it amusing as I squeal and swear and feel my boobs slapping my back (*makes mental note to wear a bra on future 4wd trips).

But humour aside, it was a lovely day and the wildflowers were gorgeous. I’ve never seen them in bloom before and the variety of colours and shapes is amazing. It’s fantastic to see and feel the seasons changing.

Sunday’s highlight was a large amount of %!&X#!! cold chain being liberally applied to my body. Damn it was cold. It was the chain that is attached to Master’s bedhead that he bought for me one day at the hardware store based on the fact that I said I liked ‘chainy-chain’. Flimsy little chain just doesn’t have the feel, weight and sound of big, clunky chain and when I saw the big mother chain he had bought, I fell in love.
It was attached to my collar and the metre or so of slack laid over my poor naked bits. I may not be vocal when being beaten (in public) but apply cold chain to this slave’s body and you’re guaranteed to hear some piercing screams.

We’ve talked about getting some metal restraints for the toy box.  I do like the ‘idea’ of them and in summer they’d be great, but during the cooler months, I may be tempted to bury them in the backyard somewhere. I’m already starting to put a list together for Master’s xmas presents, but the question is, will I stay true to form and buy things that will cause me grief later on down the track when he actually uses them? Knowing me, the answer is probably yes.


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