Christmas checklist

1. Wake up on Christmas morning and try to get out of bed.... 2. Remember to unchain self BEFORE trying to get out of bed. 3. Unchain self, get out of bed and skip into Master's bedroom. 4. Jump on the bed saying, 'Hiiiiiiiiiii!'.... 5. Get spanked for not saying, 'Merry Christmas'. 6. Get spanked again... Continue Reading →


I’m very disa-ppointed!

On the weekend I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching "Flower and Snake". You might remember that I listed it as a movie I really wanted to see in a post a couple of months ago and several of you promptly selected it on NetFlix, promising to let me know how it was.... But no-one did.... Continue Reading →

Home please James

I've got this thing for getting into tv shows way after they were ever popular. I discover everything in re-runs: Sex and the City, Rome, Family Guy and my latest addiction, Boston Legal. It's trashy, purile, sexist and nothing other than one hour of pure escapism, but it has one very important redeeming factor....... James... Continue Reading →

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