Home please James

I’ve got this thing for getting into tv shows way after they were ever popular. I discover everything in re-runs: Sex and the City, Rome, Family Guy and my latest addiction, Boston Legal.

It’s trashy, purile, sexist and nothing other than one hour of pure escapism, but it has one very important redeeming factor…….

James Spader.

There is just something about him that I can’t put my finger on, all I know it that it’s as hot as hell. He has this look that is slightly amused, slightly condescending and very enigmatic that all the while bores right into you, almost like he is devouring you from the inside out. This, coupled with long fingers with nails peaking over the edges and far too much intelligence, gives you an intoxicating mix. The mix smells of power and once I get a whiff of the power I’m sold.

I see a similar variation of the mix in Master and it smacks to me of a domly one. I’m not saying that you have to reek of power to be a domly one, but something about it makes my heart beat faster and my breath come quicker. It’s simply sublime.

There’s an idiom we use: ‘drunk with power’ but generally it only refers to the empowered one. However, I’d like to suggest that those people on the other end of the power can become as equally as inebriated. I’ve lost count of the times when a look or a tone of voice or even a simple gesture has made me lose my sobriety. Once you’re drunk on the power all the other human quirks of the powerful one just fade away. The mantle of power is very forgiving.


The longer you’re in an M/s relationship, the more the power dims, the more the humanity shines through. The fantastic becomes the commonplace and suddenly you need more and more to get the same effect. Like alcohol tolerance, power tolerance is slowly, but surely built over time. What once would have had you drunk and under the table, barely gets you tipsy and giggling anymore.

Other than my die-hard love of chocolate, I can’t think of one thing I used to do on a regular basis five years ago that I do now. I suppose we grow, change and get bored. We evolve, move on, seek other challenges and other things to get drunk on. This goes for hobbies, interests and even relationships.

To borrow a line from SaTC:

“I believe a relationship is like couture, if it doesn’t fit perfectly it’s a disaster.”

A little nip here, a little tuck there, minor adjustments or a total change of fabric. If we really want to wear the relationship, we’ll make it fit….in whatever way we can.

And just in case I’ve got you wondering from the tone of this blog, I’m not planning on going anywhere. My coat of many colours fits quite nicely with all the little adjustments I’ve made to it over the years – now I just need to make sure I hold off on the addictive carrot muffins so I can fit into it!


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