Eyes wide open

Damn…seven days into the new year and I’ve already broken at least one of my resolutions. And I mean not one of my repeatedly broken resolutions, but one of my ‘attainable’ resolutions!!! WTF???

Instead of continuing to do the same crappy job that has sucked the life and soul out of me, I made an executive decision and quit.

Just like that.

I woke up on Tuesday morning with a pounding headache and my stomach was churning over and over. My body was literally rejecting the thought of having to go to work again. I’ve never had such a violently strong reaction to anything in my life, but over and over in my head the litany was, ‘I can’t do this…I just can’t do this anymore.’

I’ve dragged my heels to work at the crack of dawn for eight months and thought many, many times that I didn’t think I could stand to spend another minute there, but Tuesday morning was different. Something inside just cracked and I knew I had to do something.

So I asked to speak to my boss privately. We went into a meeting room and he asked me what was wrong.

‘I’d like to resign.’

And his reaction???


WTF???? I was sort of expecting a little something more along the lines of, ‘Oh, no really?’ or ‘What’s the problem? Can we sort it out another way?’ or something with even just a sprinkling of surprise or perhaps regret. But no. I think his ‘Ok’ summed up that entire work place where they just like to chew people up, suck all the marrow of life out of them and spit them out.

I said I’d leave on Wednesday being that it was the last day in the pay cycle (to the end I like to be frugal and tidy…lol!) and I casually asked whether I could use the 1 1/2 hrs of flex time they owed me (where I’d stayed back without pay) and leave early.

Their reaction???


Yep….that’s what they said.

Then at the close of business they reclaimed my security passes, wiped me from the computer system and ESCORTED me from the building.

Yep….that’s what they did.

So, for eight months, I’d spent 1 1/2 hrs getting to work and 1 1/2 hrs getting home again, was only late ONCE because the bus didn’t show up and I had to find alternative arrangements to get to work, done my work above and beyond the call of duty, worked back without complaining, taken my tea and meal breaks to within ten seconds of the scheduled times, was pleasant, courteous and rule-abiding at all times…and that’s what I got for my efforts.


But it’s all good. I went to gym this morning, sent off a couple of job applications and rung up my piercer to make an appointment to have my labia rings removed (Master has finally given the nod!! Yay!!)

2009 is going to be a better year.


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