I lost my ball!

I was lying in the bath last night, washing off the gym sweat and cleaning cunt, when I looked down and I noticed that my ball was missing!!!


I’m referring, of course, to one of the balls on my barbells, and I was assuming that all those kicks and punches at body combat had shaken it loose. I was imagining my poor little ball rolling around on the gym floor somewhere looking all lonesome.

When I had my rings switched, the girl had told me to make sure that I check that my balls were screwed in, and while I hadn’t been doing it ten times a day, I had been doing it every now and then. Each of the barbells had cost $50 so I wasn’t planning on losing a ball so early in the piece, but there it was…gone!

I told Master and he said I’d have to go into town and procure another one. I was thinking about what to do until then, take the barbell out in case it fell out, or leave it in and walk around v.e.r.y carefully. The thought of the barbell coming out and me having to put it back in totally freaked me out. Even after two years, the thought of holes down there is very freaky. I can barely change my earrings, let alone cut rings!

That was when I made a decision to scour the floor at home, just to check that it hadn’t fallen off when I’d changed clothes. I mean I was wearing underpants and leggings to the gym, where could it possibly fall out? I even checked the toilet bowl, being that I was in plague and peeing every ten minutes. I thought maybe the extra wiping had jiggled it loose.

And that was when I found it….all shiny and lonesome in the hallway. Thank god.

So I screwed it back on – which freaked me out – and then all was peaceful in the world.


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