Don’t you just hate it when…

1. You read through your previous journal entry – one that you re-read several times and spell-checked before posting- and find 1, 2 or even 3 spelling mistakes!!!!

2. You start a new job, which is much better than your old job, but it takes you two hours to get home.

3. You get to the bus stop early and the bus is late, but if you ever get to the bus stop late, the bus is always early.

4. You think you’re in the mood for a release and you check for porn updates from, but your internet connection is so slow that it takes 15mins to download one 30second clip

5. You notice that you’ve been filling in your release chart wrong and instead of having 15 releases left you’ve only got 5.

6. Having given up on downloading porn, you search for further entertainment in the form of James Spader, and when you’ve found an interview you’d like to watch, it turns out to only be available in streaming media and your crappy internet connection plays 3 seconds worth of clip and then buffers for 5mins…over and over again.

7. There have been no meaty updates on your favourite blogs!

8. You’re planning on going to a play party on the weekend and your domly one decides that your costume will be butt-nakedness.

9. You don’t have anything real to write about so you write amusing snippets about nothing in particular.

10. You realise it’s past your bedtime and it’s only 10pm!


4 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate it when…

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  1. oh my! haha 2 adn 3 i can COMPLETELY relate to!!!! i have to ride the bus to school/work and it take and hour and thirty minutes to get there and back!!!! and nobody understands how it could possibly be that annoying or piss me off that badly…..

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