I know angst sells but…

…the most angsty thing in my life at the moment is whether the ball is going to fall off my barbell!

So, in the absence of anything juicy to write about, I’ll write a bit of an update.

January 15th was the anniversary of my thirty second year on this planet. Master and I celebrated by going down to the southwest region of Western Australia. It’s an area full of wineries and tall forests and in an attempt to cross more things off my ‘to see’ list, Master took two days off work to make a four-day weekend and off we went.

Normally I like a good hit of travel, but my road trip from Perth to Melbourne with Master a couple of years ago taught me a very valuable lesson:

snoring man + me in same bed = not a happy kitten

Therefore, whenever there is travel planned, I always make sure to pack several pairs of earplugs and many headache tablets in preparation of several nights of sleep deprivation. For two and a half years we’ve slept in different bedrooms, with ravishing sessions taking place in his bed before I skip off to my ‘slave cell’, so spending several nights with the ‘freight-train’ aka Master is always a challenge.

However, for some unknown reason, I slept really well this time. I even managed to sleep through a car alarm that, Master says, rang for over an hour at 1am outside our hotel room. It was a miracle 🙂

The area was nice, but nothing exciting. The trees were also big, but not as big as I’d expected. Master and I have both been tainted by overseas travel and find Australia to be big, dry and mostly boring. I’ve only seen a small fraction of Australia, but Master has seen just about all of it, several times over in fact, and he is mostly of the same opinion.

I milked my birthday for all it was worth and at every opportunity reminded him that it was *my birthday* and therefore we should do X. The next day was *my birthday plus 1* and therefore we should do Y. In fact, I think I milked it for about a week!

January 12th I had had a job interview with a Japanese trading company looking for someone to do admin. The day before Master and I had scouted out where the office was and before we were even half way there, I’d decided that there was no way in hell I was going to commute that far everyday. I told the recruiter that it was too far for too little money and thanks but no thanks. The general manager, however, had apparently really liked me and wasn’t going to give up that easily. Then followed seven days of salary and working conditions negotiations done in a flurry of cell phone calls and emails. I spent most of the trip down south answering calls when my cell had reception and in the end we settled on 3 days a week at an agreed rate and I started January 21st.

My first day of work we took a 2hr lunch next to the beach in Fremantle and I kicked back with seafood and wine. The whole time I was thinking back to my workplace in the public service where if you were one minute over your allotted five minute toilet break, your manager would come looking for you. I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore Toto!

Saturday 24th was the play party I wrote about in my previous entry and then Monday 26th was a public holiday for Australia day. I decided to work Wed, Thur, Fri this week so I had today off and spent most of it cleaning and babysitting the electrician who came to fix the watering system. His services cost $170….and no, I didn’t offer to blow him.

After he left I looked at some porn, let me re-phrase that, spent 2hrs downloading 3 mins of clips (due to our shitty net connection) to feed my fantasies and had a release. Once more, I’ve kept up my tradesman-visits-the-house-and-I-have-a-release recipe.

Around 5:20pm I had a call from Master to tell me that Anthony Warlow was going to be on the radio at 5:30pm. Anthony Warlow is playing the lead in the production of Phantom of the Opera that we are going to see next month and I’ve been lusting after him since I first saw him play the Phantom in 1990. Master had heard that he was going to be on the radio when he was travelling back 3hrs to work after a meeting in Perth today, so he scouted out a public phone and called to let me know (his cell was flat). As soon as I heard, I was racing around the house trying to find….a radio!

My first instinct was to listen to it on the net….then when I tried to go to the station’s homepage and 5mins later it was still loading, I thought it was a bad plan. I then remembered the radio on Master’s bedside clock so I ran in there and tuned in to the station. It turned out that the interview wasn’t very exciting, but I was just stunned by Master’s thoughtfulness. Anyone else would have thought, ‘Yeah, whatever’, but he actually called me….from a pay phone no less!

I hadn’t even reminded him that it was *my birthday + 12* (^v^)

Then I had a play around with WordPress and it seems to be better than lj so I’m thinking about moving. I’ll see if I can be bothered to transfer all the old blogs there or just leave them as they are and start posting new stuff over there – I see that lj makes it ‘so’ easy to transfer by only allowing you to export one month’s entries at a time and you lose comments and some of the formatting. I’ll post the new address here when things are decided.

So that was my day…exciting, huh? That’s why I have a general policy to only write slave angst in here…that and I only seem to get comments when I’m angsting…lol.


13 thoughts on “I know angst sells but…

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday and congratulations with the new job! Ah, that must feel so good after quitting that other job. Okay it’s far but still, you’re the one they wanted!

    Also, I think your Master is a sweetie. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday + 13!

    i enjoy happy posts! i resolve to make more of them myself. 🙂 >.>

    i wasn’t too fond of WordPress. It may be because i’ve been blogging in LJ-land for more than five years, but i just didn’t find the same friendships there as i have built here.

  3. Well happy belated B-day.

    If you jump to wordpress were else am I going to get a fix for my subtle-times habit?

    Be safe.

    Oh btw, if your done with summer down there feel free to ship it north, we are freezing!

  4. Come to Word Press! 😀 Sorry. I’m a Word Press whore.

    Anyways, Word Press allows you to import all of your data into the blog there from LJ, rather than exporting from LJ to somewhere else. Just thought I’d let you know.

    Happy belated birthday!

  5. I’m never done with summer -alhough we might be sweating it out, I’d much rather be sweating than freezing my ass off!

    Thanks for the b’day wishes, and even if I do move, you can still get your fix over there 😉


  6. Lol…I like the +13 🙂

    I think I like happy posts when I’m happy, but when I’m not I have a tendancy to click right on by…just because they tend to make me feel worse…is that bad?

    I’m not sure about thw wordpress community but it definitely lets you do more stuff than lj…and I’m all about the widgets 🙂


  7. It feels very good to have a different job. I think I actually feel more human – not sure whether it’s good for a kitten to feel more human or not though…lol.

    Master is a sweetie. He comes off a bit gruff sometimes, but is all squishy inside 🙂


  8. Australia has a different type of beauty. I’m more into the lush green with waterfalls and picturesque mountains with snowy peaks.

    I also love old buildings and historical sites and nothing here is over 200yrs (not including aboriginal sites etc.), so I don’t really feel the weight of history about it. I’ve walked through 1400 year-old wooden buildings where emperors once walked and the sense of the passage of time is amazing.

    I miss that sort of thing.

  9. i get what you mean, i remember when i visited Fredricksburge Virginia and went into a church there, i felt the history.

    Qld (Karanda and the Atherton Tablelands and Sunshine Coast hinterland is where you want to go for waterfalls, there really are some beautiful ones there.

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