What a day…

After feeling that my pussy was ‘not quite right’ all the way to work, I finally arrived at the office, went to the toilet and there in my underwear was my barbell and ball that should of been in my right labia.

My first reaction was, ‘Oh, fuck!’

My second reaction was, ‘Oh, fuck, fuck fuck!’

I stripped off, put down the toilet seat and sat down while I attempted to push it back in. I pushed and it hurt like a mother fucker and it just wasn’t going anywhere. This was looking like an emergency trip to the piercer’s after work…in seven hours. I had a bad feeling about it. It’s been fifteen years since my ears were pierced and they still manage to close over if I leave out my earrings for a little while.

Seven hours of mortification at having to bare my pussy without any ‘preparation’ whatsoever later, I walked into the  piercer’s to be assailed with blood-curdling screams,

I’ve been there and done that,” I said to the girl. She laughed and led me into a cubicle next to the screaming woman.

I hopped up on the bench and my worst fears were to be realised: the piercing site had closed over sufficiently that the barbell just wouldn’t go in without a fight. She asked me what gauge my piercing was, pulled out the necessary needle and pushed it through.


This time the screams were mine.

Five minutes later I hobbled out to the car where Master was waiting and I burst into tears. It was just throbbing and throbbing, and I blubbered and moaned all the way home. Master saw me blubbering and gave me his white handkerchief from his pocket:

 “Your body is just so funky, isn’t it? I think I might donate you to science.”

Normally I would of said something as equally as amusing to Master, but all I could manage through my gritted teeth was:

“See? See what I do for you!”

In fact, it’s still throbbing….I need a stiff drink….or several…

With a day like that, the universe is going to have to give me some balance by presenting me with Anthony Warlow tonight in the Phantom of the Opera. Come on universe, I’m counting on you!


12 thoughts on “What a day…

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  1. Kudos to you for your bravery!

    I was going to ask if it’s normal that the balls fall off so often but a lot of people are reporting the same issues on internet fora.
    Do the barbells have long threads?

    1. @ slut on display….they are internally threaded so I can’t exactly see how long the the threads are but I’d guess about 5mm. The piercer called them ‘long threads’ so perhaps they are longer than normal.

      @literary_gypsy…chica! hugs back at you 🙂 See, I find the whole double piercing through the ear cartilege thing really freaky. I think I’d faint if I heard a ‘pop!’

      @kaya…tenacity or stupidity?? I’m not quite sure which at this stage….lol.

      @CarrieAnn….I’m guessing you’re asking this to try and figure out why I couldn’t get it back in myself.They are internally threaded, but I think the scar tissue around the entry was what prevented it going back in smoothly.

      @Mr Uptonogood…*points and giggles*…everytime I read your comment I just crack up everywhere. You’re cute! Well, I’m just glad you got curious and decided to click 🙂

      @His-submissive….if you get to choose the type of piercing, I’d go for *inner* labia or clithood. The tissue is very different and heals much, much better.

  2. Hey chica,

    *Gentle hugs* to you…
    I have to brace myself every time i do my ears….I couldn;t imagine having needles prodding around down there.

    Your blog looks great here chica, I like the decor!

  3. Yours was physical pain and embarassment. I now must admit to only embarassment. After whatever-length-of-time it’s been, I finally, out of curiousity, clicked the “wordpress” link on your old page…see..I thought “wordpress” was just a text editor that everyone was talking about. I had no clue it was a location/destination.

    Feel free to point and giggle. I am abashed.


  4. I don’t have the industrial anymor! *pout*
    I took it out before starting work here…and it closed over because it wasn’t healing properly. Will have to do a redo when i get home.
    I’m more into piercings than I was when i left. I currently have 6 – and all are above the waist- but I think i’ll have 8 or 9 by the time i leave here (in 5 weeks!).

    1. @chica…I’ve been sitting here counting and trying to figure out what you’ve got/are getting pierced! So you’ve got 6 now…ears x 4, nose, eyebrow? 8 or 9 above the waist? Ummmm….all of the above plus nipples? Tongue? I have to say your industrial was sooooo cool, but I keep thinking of cartilege…*shudders*

      1. welding you say? are you nuts saying that when your Master reads your blog? PMSL
        I want to see the welding of barbell balls….. 😛

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