The Phantom Master

Ever read a blog and wondered what the person was really like? I do, all the time. I think about all sorts of banal things like what sort of toothpaste they use and whether they munch on dried squid while blogging…like I do…whoops…just outed myself there. 

While reading people’s words I like to see the little glimmers of reality that remind me that we’re all just human and struggling to make it through this trial by fire called ‘life’. It’s comforting to know that behind the veneer of ‘we’re-uber-kinky-and-coolness-incarnate’, there are people who fart in elevators, take buses in completely wrong directions and are hopeful Darwin Award recipients… *raises hand to all three*

In blogland though there is a definite inequality in the number of domly blogs to subbly blogs. I would estimate the ratio of subbly blogs to domly blogs at being somewhere in the ratio of 100,000:1. Perhaps this just reflects the fact that subbly ones tend to be drama queens who like to share their gripes with world, while domly ones tend to secretly hide in shadows and formulate evil plans.

When I do read the select few domly blogs that are out there, I imagine what their real name is. Generally I think of cool names like Barnabus, Richard and Sir Stephen (pronounced Stef-an not Steevan!) because that’s what domly ones in my head should be named. I imagine they walk around in crisp suits during the day and transform into black-clad vampire-type characters at night.

Experience has told me that the reality is quite different. Domly ones in real life tend to be named Mark, Terry & John. They tend to wear jeans and will fart in bed and then hold the covers over your head as you try not to breathe. In some strange coincidence both my former owner and Master have the same name (perhaps god decided that remembering two different names was just too much for me or something) and funnily enough it doesn’t sound a bit like what I imagined my Master to be called. But then again, I supposed he imagined his slave would be called Crysalis, Bethany or something equally as divine instead of the crusty name I have.

Maybe that’s why he just calls me slut or bitch instead.

Master hasn’t made an official appearance in this blog – no photos etc.- which has lead to the rumour that he may be a “Phantom Master” or perhaps simply a Blow Up Bobby in disguise 🙂 The simple reason for this is that he is generally the one taking the photos of me. After all, have you ever tried to take a picture while whipping someone at the same time? I did take a photo of him at the play party last weekend wearing my bunny ears which was sooooo cute it just made me want to spread him on toast and eat him up, but I believe that posting that pic would forever exclude him from the ‘bad-ass dom’ list so I won’t do that.

Fortunately he has his own blog to still the rumours, but he still does remain a bit elusive. Perhaps that adds to the air of mystery around him though….or is that ‘air of mystery’ just a cloud of methane gas escaping from the bedsheets?


19 thoughts on “The Phantom Master

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  1. Your writing evokes some wonderful images…and both giggle worthy and contemplative reactions. (Barnabus *LOL* Brilliant!) Always a pleasure to read! At least I can say that i’ve met your Domly one…even though I was like a deer in headlights each time! He just brings the subbiness to the surface! He makes me want to curtsy, and stare at floor- not a common occurrence in my life! It must be that Eye of Sauron laser eye beam…x

    1. Awww…thank you chica. Might I add that I’ve been enjoying your return to blogland too? I’m sorry I haven’t commented much but it was nice to finally read about your eventful trip to Tokyo and your dancing 🙂 mwah

  2. I share your fascination! When bloggers talk about the details of their lives it’s impossible not to imagine more and let your mind fill in the blanks. I remember once you or your master posted a picture that was taken in your house, and I thought, “That’s not what I imagined their (fill in the room) to look like!” I appreciate that you and your master your photos because it helps me envision you when I’m reading both of your blogs, but I do wish that he’d post a picture of himself, too, for no other reason than it’s interesting to compare one’s imagination to reality!

    1. Lol…I look at some people’s pics and I think “Wow, they live in a normal house like us with bad carpet!” Too funny. It’s so interesting how we form these images in our minds from nothing but a few words on a screen.

  3. *raising my hand here*…. i doesnt fart anywhere- nopenopenope…lol…. at least i will nevereverever admit to it! lol.


  4. I’ve often bemoaned the lack of blogs by dominants. And some of the ones that are out there? Good gods, they’re castle realm part 2! I don’t want to read about wimpy doms! I want mean, evil creatures and the thoughts behind their evilness!

    Your Dude is one of the few I’ve actually continued to read; mostly cuz he’s amusing as hell and so obviously writing only for you that it feels like I’m a peeping tom. 🙂

    1. Lol@castelrealm part 2. I think my biggest mistake since I went down this path was digesting all of castelrealm and wondering why I wasn’t living in a castle and why Master didn’t ride a white horse to work 🙂

      I’m so happy my dude writes for me and I especially like those glimmers of what he is thinking that he chucks in there every now and then.

  5. Carin

    that face is causing me nothing but grief, l got kat and you calling me cute and adorable and yet l am supposed to be a bad arse dom and worse still kitten has bunny ear photos she keeps threatening me with unless l grant her a release

    Sad days since digital cameras were made available to the masses

    1. *laughs* This is why when Master does allow me to use His digital camera He is very, very specific about what I can use it for. And my tail be damned if I post anything He thinks would ruin His “image”.

    2. Sweetie, you know I would *never* post it without there being a good reason to do so. I’m sure you also *know* that good reasons include a lack of lollies in my jar, a lack of ice cream in the fridge and too much ‘war shit’ on tv.

      Not that I would *ever* think of blackmailing you in any way shape of form. What sort of a slave would think such a thing???? 😉

  6. my Sir comes from the same Dom school of fluffing the fluff covers LOL

    We still need a photo of him, even if i’ts under his stinky covers with just the ears sticky out. 😉

  7. Doml Name: Anneal
    Real Name: Mike
    Fav. Attire: Blue Jeans/T-shirt
    Fart? ME??? NEVER!! lmao

    Big bad trucker..18 wheels of Domlyness…

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