Field of dreams

Open k asked me a question: What action does a submissive have to do to be considered a true submissive female in your eyes. i realize everyone is different and couples play in different areas. Some are lightweights in one area and play intensively in another. But what separates a poser or wannabee from a... Continue Reading →


Number ones and twos

"...maybe you could close your eyes and I could dribble warm tea on you. That might feel good. Or maybe you might think it's fun to hear the sound of running water when we have sex. And, if things got really serious between us, I could maybe even leave the bathroom door open sometime. Although... Continue Reading →

The great mystery

What is it about kinky folk? Rational, mature adults who have family, jobs and function normally as a member of society somehow manage to morph into idiotic, immature fuckwits when placed in a room or an online forum together. Why is it? Why do the people who whine the loudest about 'vanilla' people not understanding... Continue Reading →

When it’s over..

They say all good things come to an end, and when an M/s relationship comes to an end what happens? Is there a dividing of the toys, quiet talks and collars returned, or are there screaming matches, slammed doors and venomous threads posted on Fetlife? I guess it all depends on what caused the breakup and what... Continue Reading →

When the cat’s away…

Sitting on the bus coming to work this morning, I had another affirmation of the correctness of my decisions to (a) not have children and (b) not become a high school teacher. Heard out of the mouth of a thirteen-year-old girl: "You know Miss Hanson? Yeah, she's such a MILF." It's times like this when... Continue Reading →

In pursuit of frugalness

Generally I'm a thrifty, frugal, bargain-hunter and in fact, on more than one occasion I have been called a tight-ass. I refuse to buy anything that is not on sale and have been known to spend several nights tossing and turning after discovering on my supermarket receipt that we've been overcharged by....a dollar! I don't own anything... Continue Reading →

School for Doms

Is it just me, or have all the domly ones graduated from the same school of fuck-with-your-property's-mind-then-just-fuck-her-too? I've lost count of the number of times I've been reading something or talking to someone and I've said, "Yeah, mine does that too!" It happens so frequently that it seems to be more than a coincidence -... Continue Reading →

Three days monk

Mikkabouzu is a phrase in Japanese that describes me perfectly. Translated it literally means 'three days monk' and while I did used to think for a short period in my younger days that I might grow up to be a nun, mikkabouzu is actually used to refer to someone who has problems sticking with something... Continue Reading →

Is masochism catching?

I have a question... How many subbly folk didn't know they have masochistic tendencies until being played with? Or perhaps a better question... How many subbly folk only enjoy pain when they're enduring it for someone else? I started thinking about this on Saturday evening following my punishment for being a 'bad kitten'. I'd been given... Continue Reading →

Unhealthy obsessions & quirks

I'm peeling! Yep, it's official. The layer of sunburned skin has finally decided to commit mass suicide and detach itself lemming-like from my back and as a result I'm itchy as hell. Master cheerfully stated that he was going to chain my hands in front of me because 'a scratching pussy is not sexy' Actually I think he... Continue Reading →

The ol’ slap across the face trick

I mentioned (in a gratuitous stab at including something 'kinky) at the bottom of yesterday's entry that I got face-slapped while we were away. To be precise, he slapped me several times and then backhanded me a few more, all the while holding the o ring on my collar tight so I couldn't move my head away.... Continue Reading →


We're back from our hedonistic trip to paradise that ended all too quickly! Didya miss me? Of course I can hear the choruses of, 'We never noticed you'd gone!' echoing around me, but I'm still basking in the afterglow of paradise, so it's all water off a snorkel-bunny's back. As you can see, my legs... Continue Reading →

Oozing submission

About six weeks ago I started a new job and as predicted - by me - there have been no random questions about my collar or why I sometimes walk like John Wayne, even though my new boss is a very chatty fellow. Over the past few weeks amongst the banter in the office we've... Continue Reading →

Resilient Spunk

Although the title might suggest that I'm going to write about how once you get spooge in your towels they will never be the same, I'm actually going to write about a slightly different type of spunk. Master should be home in...ummm...about 2 1/2 hours. I figure that by the time he gets his luggage,... Continue Reading →

Blog awards

Luna, of The Submissive Guide gave the award to me and CarrieAnn of A View from the Floor gave the award to Master. Thank you both! In light of the fact that there are very few people who haven't received the award yet (My, don't we have a tight little community here in blogland! 🙂 )I've... Continue Reading →

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