We’re back from our hedonistic trip to paradise that ended all too quickly! Didya miss me?

Of course I can hear the choruses of, ‘We never noticed you’d gone!‘ echoing around me, but I’m still basking in the afterglow of paradise, so it’s all water off a snorkel-bunny’s back.

As you can see, my legs got worked over exceptionally well during our trip away…


Unfortunately it wasn’t Master’s hand that left me looking like I’d been thrashed into next week, just that devilish thing called the sun. It’s amazing what a lack of ozone layer will do to you (I would like to point out that I was lathered in SPF 30+ and still managed to end up like this!) I’d post a pic of my matching sunburnt back, but I’m sure you’d all like to keep your breakfast/lunch/dinner down.

Along with my two pairs of swimmers, I also took a pair of thigh-high boots for Master’s pleasure and I have to say that with my roasted legs, it created a lovely blend of pleasure and pain – his pleasure, my pain…of course. Boots and beach don’t really mix and I’m sure I’ll be shaking sand out of them for the next couple of months.

I spent my time there snorkelling, snorkelling, koala-ing Master, snorkelling and snorkelling. Master spent his time there snoozing, being my koala post, snoozing, swimming  and snoozing. Other than the slightly unnerving experience of having sting rays swimming around your feet and mysterious large black shadows passing in the ocean nearby (we hope it was a manta ray or a turtle or a school of fish or a whaleshark and not a shark), we had a totally wonderful time. I don’t think I’ve been that relaxed for quite a while. It was Master’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Master!!) and although he spent most of it driving, I hope the memories of paradise eased the pain of having nothing but road and swarms of flies in front of him for hours.

And so where did we go? We went to the Ningaloo Reef resort in Coral Bay which is about 1200kms north of Perth:


Between Perth and Coral Bay there are a few one-horse towns, masses of roadkill (consisting of kangaroos, goats, cows, sheep, rabbits and foxes) and lots and lots of nothingness. Every now and then just to break-up the monotony and keep the driver on his toes, there was a mob of emus:

 Emu alert

 or a mini-herd of cows drifting across the road:

Hamburger! Get off the road!

 But after driving, driving and some more driving, you get this:
Coral bay

and under the water where it’s a little bit darker in the photo above? It’s a world full of fishies, coral and the best of mother nature…

Maybe reality is sometimes as good as fantasy.

P.S Oh, and I got spanked and ravished and face-slapped while we were there too….does that satisfy for smut content?


10 thoughts on “Paradise

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  1. you were miissed girly-girl! but im soo glad you both had soo much fun! please wish your Master a very happy birthday! the pictures are all so lovely… i am very jealous right now as its 17 degrees here with snow flying and i had no electricity this morning due to the high winds…lol.
    anyway, welcome back sweetie!

    1. Thank you! See, that’s why I don’t do snow….I think I really need to live in the tropics. Wanna join me?

  2. I noticed you were gone damnit! *stop paw* 😀

    Also a very happy belated birthday to your Master.

    Ouch @ the sunburn. Owie. Ow. Owie. Ow. Ow.

    And the fish! Beautiful pictures!

    1. I have to admit that as I was looking at the fishies all I could think of was ‘dinner’ know, it’s all good 🙂

    1. Yes’m I have to say that it was only the second? third? time I’ve ever been on the receiving end of a faceslap.

      Thanks for missing me!

  3. welcome back and happy birthday to M for yesterday…im glad you both enjoyed your trip but kitten, that sunburn is bad, very bad, you need a wet suit…see you both soon.

    1. Bad…yes…I know. I’m normally very religious about staying out of the sun and M and I are still actually trying to work out how I did get burnt with that amount of cream on. I’m thinking I need some SPF 50+ or something.

      1. did you check the use by date on the sunscreen? if not, thats possibly why it didnt work, if it is out of date it wont work.

  4. holy crap that sunburn looks very nasty. did you replenish your sun screen every two hours? i’ve heard it only lasts that long
    snorkelling is wonderful, love the photos.
    happy b’day to your Master
    glad to see you back as i enjoy you and your Masters blogs.

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