The ol’ slap across the face trick

I mentioned (in a gratuitous stab at including something ‘kinky) at the bottom of yesterday’s entry that I got face-slapped while we were away. To be precise, he slapped me several times and then backhanded me a few more, all the while holding the o ring on my collar tight so I couldn’t move my head away.

On the rare occasions that face-slapping makes its way onto the menu, it’s never  particularly hard or bruise-inducing in anyway and this time was no exception. But for some reason it always induces a particular reaction in me.

‘You should of seen your face!‘ laughed Master in our post-face-slapping/ravishing debrief as we lounged around on the bed and I attempted to squirm out of the wet spot.

He was referring to, I think, the stunned mullet look I’d given him after hand had made contact with face.  The look is a result of not only the physical jolt for me, but also the emotional jolt I get whenever he does something that for some reason just screams ‘abuse’ at me.

I don’t know what it is about the face-slap, but it’s still very taboo for me. Perhaps I’ve seen too many movies with domestic abuse victims sporting fat lips and a myriad of bruises across their face or maybe I just feel that the face is too much of a ‘public’ thing to be kinkified, but I know that any time my face becomes the target instead of another part of my body, I feel exceptionally uncomfortable.

And no, I’m not worried about what other people would think if there were marks or bruises on my face, and I’m not particularly vain about my looks in any way (If bags over the head became a fashion statement, I would soooo wear one!) I just find both the fantasy and reality hard to stomach.

In fact, I don’t even find anything done on the face to be particularly hot. Bruises which I’d be drooling about if they were anywhere else, make my blood run cold if they’re on the face. And I’m not sure if any of you saw that pic on Fetlife of that chick having her mouth sewn? Yeah, well….I just didn’t get what everyone thought was so hot about it. Of course, I have a lot of respect for anyone that does anything to do with needles or blades in general because they totally freak me out, but getting juicy from a pic with blood and needles on the face? Nope, not me.

Botty slap? Juice-inducing.

Face slap? Cringe-inducing.


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  1. Interesting blog…I too have experienced the face slapping, but I’m usually the one who asks for it – literally, not by behaving badly and being abused (I don’t want any misunderstandings XD).

    I get a rush precisely because it’s so taboo I think. I also know that D has strong feelings about it, in that he’s constantly making sure he doesn’t lose control and go over the top…Neither of us want me to end up looking like a battered woman. I feel SO submissive when it happens, because , hey, I’m being slapped in the face by a man, but feeling the force of his hand across my face just gives me a major buzz. He’s never done it by surprise though, and I think if he did I would probably just lash out and sucker punch him without thinking.

    *Wondering about the mouth sewn up picture on fetlife. I’m totally with you on the needles and ouchie factor.

    1. ‘No misunderstandings’??? of course…lol.

      So does D go, ‘Okay I’m going to slap you’ and then he does? Or do you go, ‘Sweetie, can you slap me?’ and he does?

      I’d give you the link to that photo but I’ve lost it somewhere….I don’t think you’d really like to see it anyway….

  2. Face slapping is major hawtness for me. It’s so wrong and so submissive and it makes my eyes cross and my heart go pitty pat and my pussy pool.

    Damn. Now I want to go wake Taylor up. Meh. Fuck. Hmmph!

    1. Sorry to make you all hawt and horny….maybe getting your face slapped would help clean out your sinuses? 😉

  3. I think of it as the ultimate est of whether I am really a slave. Most of the time, well at least some of the time, I enjoy being beaten and I enjoy veing ravished all of the time. But I am with you on face slapping. I get no rush, just an enormous sense of “why am I puting up with this.”

    I DO still worry about marks on my face just as I still have a complex story about the collar round my neck so that I can keep vanilla and real life separate. But that’s not the main point.

    It just seems so disrepectful, as if what I want doesn’t matter at all to Master. But that’s the thing about being a slave isn’t it? If Master brings in a mystery shopper who looks like Brad Pitt and orders me to servehim, it’s easy to say “Pleased to Obey.”

    I think, (and of course I don;t know because I would never dare ask since tha would imply I have a syin the matter,) but I think that Master uses the face slapping as a regular reminder that this is not just a mutual arrangement to have kinky sex. He can do what he wants with me; and if I don’t want it, I have only one way to stop it. And leaving is the one thing I could never do.

    1. I have those angsty moments where I think he’s not *respecting* me as *his partner* and then I reality-check myself that I’m not his partner and he doesn’t have to show me one iota of respect. I think it’s hard to erase all those years of having equality rammed down our throats.

      It’s interesting to hear that you think he uses it as a reminder that it’s not just a kinky sex arrangement and I laughed at the Brad Pitt mystery shopper! That would make a change from balding middle-aged married men 🙂

      1. That’s right. It’s interesting that is nt used as a real punishment for bad behavior. It would be, because it’s the pain without the gain. But I think if it was reserved for times when I have done something wrong I’d get to think that I could avoid it by never doing anything for which I am punished. But that would give me too much control over what happens to me.
        I wish I could take it without making it so obvious how much I hate it.

  4. if Sir hit me in the face I’d kick him in the nuts. for me personally (not judging btw) i couldn’t handle it. it’s like spitting, if someone spat at me or on me they’d get an ball/pussy kicking as well.

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