In pursuit of frugalness

Generally I’m a thrifty, frugal, bargain-hunter and in fact, on more than one occasion I have been called a tight-ass. I refuse to buy anything that is not on sale and have been known to spend several nights tossing and turning after discovering on my supermarket receipt that we’ve been overcharged by….a dollar!

I don’t own anything with a “brand label” on it – there’s no Gucci, Chanel or Prada in my wardrobe. I buy fashion after it’s gone out of fashion and there really are times when I’ve got nothing to wear!  I’d also like to mention that catalogues make me drool and I prefer to spend my free time clipping out coupons and saving shopper-dockets.

Having said all that though, there are occasions where I like to splurge and this week has been one of those occasions:

I am now officially a slave who sleeps on 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets.


Since I’ve got to sleep naked, I might as well have something smooth to lay on, right? 🙂

Actually they were on sale – 60% off to be exact. But that still doesn’t make me feel any better about spending $300 on a some sheets, a couple of towels and a quilt cover.

Oh, did I mention I also bought Egyptian Cotton bath sheets? They’re not just towels…they’re big enough to be be sheets….mmmmmm.

In my slave fantasies I’m always dirty, dressed in rags, eating dry crusts of bread and sleeping on a cold stone floor. In fact, I’ve even microwaved some bread until it’s gone stone-hard and warmed up some water to have as a suitable ‘meal’ during one of my fantasy sessions. (That incidently was also the one where my mum came home in the middle of it and having nowhere to put anything, I shoved the food and water under my bed only to have the dog frantically sniffing at it…‘No mum, there’s nothing under the bed!’)

My reality, however, is that I like a few home comforts. I prefer to sleep in a warm comfy bed, my cage has a layer of cushioning foam in it and my ‘slave gruel’ tends to be better than anything you can get in a restaurant. I’m lucky that Master chooses to keep me in comfort, as opposed to keeping me ‘like a slave’.

Sure hessian sacks and damp dungeons sound hot, but give me 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets any day.


12 thoughts on “In pursuit of frugalness

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  1. Maybe you’re just in inverse relation to trends. When the rest of the world is in some fin de siecle orgy, you cut coupons. And vice versa.

    You were ahead of your time. Frugal is the new black. The new forty. Frugal R Us. It’s going to be interesting. You can watch from your smooth, cool, slippery sheets.

    1. “Frugal R Us”…lol.

      I thought frugality had been in vogue for a while?!? Everywhere except when one is buying a McHouse is seems. Then the bigger, uglier and the more expensive the better.

  2. Okay I’m officially jealous of the Egyptian sheets. 😐 I have ALWAYS wanted some, but can never bring myself to buy them because they are so expensive. I’m like you, in the fact that I love shopping around for the best deals. Although I do like to splurge sometimes, that’s normally on lingerie or on what Master wants. *laughs*

    1. I’ve wanted some for ages too, but the price is just ridiculous. Last time I bought sheets I spent…ummm…$30 I think on *two sets*.

  3. oh yes nothing but Egyption cotton, i have 2 sets but they aer 500 count and so soft, i can iagine how yours feel..whats life if we cant spoil ourselves sometimes.

    1. There’s probably not much diffference in the 500 to 1000 thread count….

      I’ve also got to wonder why I’m buying ‘cool slippery’ sheets when it’ll be winter soon! Lol…

    1. Yay! (between you and me though, I don’t know the difference between Egyptian cotton and normal cotton! Lol.)

  4. You’d probably LOVE I heart them. If Master approves someday, I think I’ll buy some high thread-count sheets for our bed. Master is one of THOSE men, however. He thinks 250 plain cotton just JUST fine, thank you. I think it’s like sleeping on sandpaper. The high thread-count sheets that I DO have are for a twin bed that I’m not permitted to sleep in anymore, since Master wants me in his bed.

    Yes, some high thread count organic cotton sheets. Mmmm.
    *counts pennies*

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