When the cat’s away…

Sitting on the bus coming to work this morning, I had another affirmation of the correctness of my decisions to (a) not have children and (b) not become a high school teacher.

Heard out of the mouth of a thirteen-year-old girl:

“You know Miss Hanson? Yeah, she’s such a MILF.”

It’s times like this when I feel really old.

But anyway, I thought I better squeeze a blog out even though I’ve officially got nothing to write about, because Master gets antsy if he checks and I’ve got nothing new here for days.

I’ve been alone at work all week because my boss has gone to Japan. Normally it’s just him and me in the office so since he’s away, I thought I’d enjoy myself by coming to work au naturel!  (No, I’m not coming naked! Lol…)

‘Au naturel’ for me means no makeup, no hairstyles, comfy clothes and shoes. It’s saved me so much time in the morning that I’ve actually been able to have a proper breakfast – complete with cappuccino. Mmmm…..The only thing I have been doing is wearing my contacts (but that’s only so I can wear sunglasses so that when I sleep on the bus/train, people don’t stare at me!)

I’d like to be a ‘proper’ girl who likes fashion & makeup and enjoys shopping, but I’m not. Ten years of shopping in the ‘Queen-sized’ section in Japan for tops (because that’s all I could ever hope to fit into) and buying a year’s supply of bottoms and pantyhose whenever I came back to Australia probably sucked most of the joy out of it for me. I enjoy being comfy more than fashionable.

Master has this thing about me wearing ‘slut wear’ and I have to say that even after 3 1/2 years with him, I’m still not quite sure exactly what he means. I’m guessing it’s low-cut tops and short skirts, but when you’ve got no boobs and thunder thighs like me, singlet tops and micro-minis tend to be more ‘omg-that’s-so-wrong wear’ than ‘slut wear’.

I’ve never met or heard of a Master who wants their slave to wear anything other than revealing stuff. What confuses me is whether they like the thought of what is covered up, or what is out there for all to see. Considering that it’s all theirs anyway, what are they trying to do?

Generally, I don’t find slut wear to be anything other than a lesson in humiliation. I know what suits me and my body shape and for me, less is not more. If he wanted me to feel sexy and confident then something that doesn’t have me sucking in my stomach all night is best, therefore I can only conclude that he wants to enjoy the view?!?

Maybe Master looks at me through different eyes than what I see reflected in the mirror. In fact, since I’m yet to see a man put makeup on so he doesn’t look like a clown, I have to guess that maybe a man’s idea of what looks good and what doesn’t is different to a woman’s.

Maybe all Master needs are some new glasses? 😉


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  1. You know how you always hear things like women are smarter, higher pain tolerance, etc etc? That may all be true, but its balanced by the fact that they just never seem to understand simple things. Like “you look pretty” means YOU LOOK PRETTY.

    In other words: my kitty is very insecure and doesn’t understand when I tell her that dressing a certain way makes her look good, I’m being honest. So yes, I think men do look at you differently than women do, you should accept it and enjoy it!

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