Controlling the beast

Master thinks I complain a lot. In fact, when I got home from my subbie girl shopping trip on Monday, he wanted to know whether I'd 'whined' sufficiently to the other girlies about not getting beaten enough/what a bastard he is/how being a slave is tough. He may think it's whining, but I like to... Continue Reading →


Understanding man-speak

Master sends me things he think I will find amusing and generally I do. This was a recent offering that landed in my inbox from him: Understanding woman-speak... 1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut the fuck up. 2.) Five... Continue Reading →

In the driver’s seat

For the first time in 14 years I sat behind the wheel of a car and I have to say, it was...empowering. And it was not just any old car - it was Master's beloved Range Rover - and it was at the mercy of my steering and braking. Of course, along with feeling empowered,... Continue Reading →

Change in all things is good

Mannerika is another one of those funky Japanese-English words from language limbo -  being neither really English or really Japanese. It comes from the English word 'mannerism' but is used to mean being stuck in a rut - often in terms of a sexual rut. You may or may not know that Japanese imports a lot of... Continue Reading →

Sex slave vs. Slave

Although this title might conjure up images of two girls wrestling it out in jelly/mud/oil (and FYI, I've *never* understood men's fascination with those types of activities) I'm actually referring to the difference between your every day, run-of-the-mill slave mainly in a D/s relationship to be controlled (sex can be optional and denial of it is often practised by the... Continue Reading →

Some people are just bizarre

You know what I really love? Waking up naturally without an alarm, making a spanish omelet and cappuccino for breakfast and then just chilling while I read blogs and check email. It's one of my simple pleasures in life and right up there with long baths taken while watching SaTC and drinking hot chocolate in... Continue Reading →

Boys and their CBT toys

I came across a thread posted on one of the lj communities I frequent the other day that literally opened a pandora's box between me and Master. The thread was a desperate plea from a subbie boy wanting to begin a relationship with two masters and wondering what to do about the masters' requirements. They wanted to keep... Continue Reading →

A letter

Vanimp over at vanillaimpaired wrote the funniest post to her pets the other day. Seriously, you should go over there and read it and maybe leave her a comment or two...although she just got a hitachi and gonzo delivered to her door so we may not see her surface for a few days to write a... Continue Reading →

The question

It took nearly three months but I was finally asked 'the question' by my boss at work today. Actually it was six questions and some random comments about my collar, but it did include the most classic of questions: "Does he snap a leash on it and take you for a walk?" I've mentioned before that asking people... Continue Reading →

Bed chain and boobies

Open k asked me whether my bed chain is attached to anything. The answer? Yes......the bed 🙂 *beams at own little joke* Actually it works like this: When we got the house painted and had to move all the furniture, Master decided to hammer an anchor point into the base of bed so my chain can... Continue Reading →

This is what gets me into trouble

(Yes, I'm now officially a WoW geek by posting a pic of my main on my blog.) I spent 90% of yesterday getting the silent punishment from Master. He didn't talk to me, wouldn't have me do anything for him and basically just ignored me from the time of my early morning discretion. And what... Continue Reading →

Masochistic dreams

A 33-year-old Australian man has apparently had himself crucified to celebrate Easter. He's either got some pretty serious scientific curiousity, radical Christian beliefs or a serious case of 'give-me-pain-please'. I often wonder what sort of things masochists dream about doing. While my innocent little cravings consist of nothing more than some heavily weighted clover clamps, I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Why the why?

I've been chewing this topic over for about a week now, thinking about the point I'm trying to make and what I want to say and then thinking that maybe I don't have a point after all and deciding not to write. I do that all the time - have a spark of an idea for... Continue Reading →

Dom = asshole ?

I've noticed a few discussions here and there about whether a dom can be 'trained' or not. By 'training' they're referring to whether you can teach him to help around the house a bit. All I have to say to that is this: just because you call yourself a dom, doesn't mean you have to... Continue Reading →

My Sex Diaries

Apparently The Sex Diaries is a huge, huge book at the moment (well, in Australia at least!) In case you're not familiar with it, it's basically a book telling women that they should be carrying out their 'wifely duties' by giving their men more sex. It includes chapters with titles seemingly borrowed from Nike t-shirts like 'Just Do... Continue Reading →

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