I really don’t see how this can be comfortable..


…but that’s how our fluff pup likes to sleep in the hallway outside my slavecell bedroom door. Then again, I can’t really talk, I lodge a pillow between my thighs, have my upper body face down on the bed, put one arm under my head pillow, put the other arm Cleopatra-like under my neck, all the while trying not to get a dead shoulder from lying on my chain.

That’s the only way I can get comfortable with my pussy and maybe that’s the only way he feels comfortable in his old age. The poodle is, after all,  a ripe old man of 84yrs. But he’s still uber cute – although it would dramatically reduce my loads of washing if he refrained from wiping his dog snot all over my black skirts whenever I walk in the door. He only does that to me and apparently by rubbing his scent all over me, he is reasserting his higher place in the pack order.

Our pack order is: Master, poodle, slave bitch. Even though I’m the one who gives him food and water, I’m only worthy of having dog snot wiped all over me. It’s funny when I’m in the cage or lying on the floor, the poodle will come over and have a good sniff or stand over me with a slightly amused look in his eyes. He ain’t stupid, he knows who is the alpha dog.

In other news, it’s been exactly a month since I started keeping an online food diary over at calorieking.com.au (the US version calorieking.com is not free…) If you haven’t tried it and are interested in losing weight, it’s a great free site that allows you to record your daily food & fluid intake as well as record your exercise and steps you’ve walked. You also weigh in every week and record your measurements and if you don’t check-in for a while, you get a ‘nice’ email reminder.

Instead of opting for having my boss as my ‘scary personal trainer’ I went with the low-impact online version and although it still requires will-power, it’s a high-tech version of the old ‘food journal’ which is generally a true and tested method of losing weight. But more importantly, it generates cool little graphs which I get a kick out of 🙂

Wanting to be one of those uber thin, flexible sluts for our masters seems to be on the top of every slavegirl’s wishlist. I ain’t ever going to be one of those, but I’d like to be a healthier, fitter me and stay that way. Staying that way seems to be the thing that I can’t ever do, but maybe this time, maybe…maybe…maybe.


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  1. thought you would enjoy seeing the puppy relaxing last night outside your door when l woke in the middle of the night l realised he wasn’t in my room and found him in the l love you wall posiition so l grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots of the puppy, the flash must have woke him as he got up and rolled over the other way.

    hope you enjoyed your walk today and got the eye lotion from the Chemist, dead quiet here today, have visitors for Tuesday and Wednesday so far no one for Thursday so hopefully stays that way.

    had a few compliments on my bacon and veggie soup when it was re-heated

    1. I would think that too if he only did it against the wall when he is hot, but he does it on the sofa, in the middle of the lounge room and anywhere else he can rest against. Maybe he is just ‘mixing things up’…lol.

  2. your poodle is adorable!

    and fitday.com is another cool free online food and exercise journal (although i wish calorieking was free in the US, they’re database is alot more expansive). but fitday.com does all the cool little graph stuff, keeps track of your vitamin and nutrient intake, and tell you how many pounds you need to lose a week in order to reach your goal.

    1. I know! When Master said he had a poodle I was thinking about the shaved-and-not-very-attractive doggy and not the sheep-like-cutie-fluff pup he actually has.

      I find it interesting that calorieking is free everywhere but the US. Looking at the forums it seems a lot of Americans use the Australian version anyway and just add in their foods to the existing database. Thanks for the info about fitday.com I’ll check it out as I get easily bored 😉

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