Masochistic dreams

A 33-year-old Australian man has apparently had himself crucified to celebrate Easter. He’s either got some pretty serious scientific curiousity, radical Christian beliefs or a serious case of ‘give-me-pain-please’.

I often wonder what sort of things masochists dream about doing. While my innocent little cravings consist of nothing more than some heavily weighted clover clamps, I’m sure their cravings go into the realms of OMG-ness. I still remember that morning I sat down with my morning porridge and coffee while I casually clicked through my blogroll and saw kaya’s tit-nailing video (and if I wasn’t so lazy I’d link it, but I’m sure everyone remembers it anyway….) I knew I shouldn’t of clicked, but once I did, I was like a deer in headlights. Needless to say my porridge stayed in the bowl and I had flashbacks throughout the day.

When I come across something ‘extreme’ it’s a bit like passing a traffic accident scene – you don’t want to look but you really can’t help yourself. Call it morbid curiousity or even stupidity, but I am intrigued by (and possibly jealous of) those with a pain tolerance infinitely higher than mine.

I suppose in the scheme of things, a slave’s ‘worth’ is measured by pain tolerance. We all put our politically correct hats on and say things like, ‘you’re a slave by your own definition’, ‘you don’t have to be into pain to be into bdsm’, ‘sensual play and service are just as relavent’, but the reality is bruises, welts and wounds will get you a round of applause and respect any day.

This might be harsh, but overly dramatic people i.e. the ones who howl with a drag of a fingernail over their flesh, annoy the crap out of me. I don’t make allowances for different people’s pain tolerances and I don’t believe that some people are a lot more sensitive. To me, they’re a pussy and that’s that. Porn in this same category also immediately turns me off.

As I’ve said, a lot of people have higher pain tolerances than me. I accept that. I accept that they’re better than me and therefore I’m a loser. I used to tear myself up about being the ‘loser’, but now I just accept that I have limitations and there will always be people better than me. I’m not even going to try to compete with something that is beyond me. I just think ‘that’s life’ and I’m happy with that.

It’s very freeing to live within your limitations and I don’t need to be nailed to a cross to know it’s not for me.


2 thoughts on “Masochistic dreams

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  1. pmsl you are no *loser* you take the *tawse* i give you and i dont hold back on that as much as i could. just cause you dont take what others do, in your own right you are a maso, for instance you can and do take a weighted clamp, put one on me and see who the loser is. but at the end of the day, there is no contest, no winner, we all do and accept that which we can.

  2. its not the ability to take pain or even want pain its the desire and willingness to serve your Master pleasure and needs, to absorb his desires and make them yours, tolerance to pain, acceptance of an activity can all be grown through repetition.

    Everyone is different, everyone have different tastes or levels of activity both Master and slave, a Master will always adjust to suit the slave what they want to see is the slave willingness to please to the best of their abilities.

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